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#EVE_NT Collides – Tuskers Victorious Over Pandemic Legion 3-1

November 23, 2015

The second round of #EVE_NT Collides involved two tournament giants, which concluded with the Tuskers scoring a convincing victory over Pandemic Legion winning 3 matches to 1.

Prior to the tournament each team had submitted seven complete team set-ups of no less than 5 ships. Prior to the match each team can then chose two ships to ban from the other team reducing the number of available set-ups to 5. Each team set-ups and bans from the opposing team are as follow (banned ships are scored through):-

The Tuskers Co.


1 Sleipnir Vagabond Vagabond Burst Burst 45
2 Machariel Machariel Navitas Navitas Malediction 45
3 Barghest Barghest Bantam Bantam Vigil 45
4 Orthrus Orthrus Onyx Onyx Maulus 45
5 Astarte Confessor Confessor Oneiros Hound 45
6 Typhoon FI Typhoon FI Inquisitor Inquisitor Hyena 45
7 Claymore Scimitar Svipul Svipul Manticore 45

Tuskers bans are 2 (Absolution) & 6 (Vindicator)

Pandemic Legion

1 Sleipnir Scimitar Svipul Svipul Purifier 45
2 Absolution Onerios Confessor Confessor Crucifier 45
3 Raven NI Raven NI Manticore Manticore Crow 45
4 Typhoon FI Typhoon FI Malediction Malediction Maulus 45
5 Scorpion NI Scorpion NI Hound Hound Vigil 45
6 Vindicator Guardian Enyo Enyo Sentinel 45
7 Ishtar Gila Gila Vexor NI Merlin 45

Pandemic Legion bans are 5 (Astarte) & 7 (Claymore)

In the first match the Tuskers brought their dual Barghest set up (no 3) against Pandemic Legions dual Scorpion Navy Issue set up (no 5). Very quickly the Tuskers were able to clear out Pandemic Legion’s support wing leaving only the two Scorpions on the field. After a lot of back and forth between the two groups one of the remaining Scorpions broke leaving a single remaining ship on the Pandemic Legion side at full time.

The second match the Tusker’s brought a twin Onyx and Orthrus set up (no 4). Pandemic Legion opted to use the same set up as the previous match bringing dual Scorpions (no 5). The Tusker’s cruiser set up was even less forgiving than before as once again the Pandemic Legion support wing very quickly fell. Again the fight resulted in the tuskers trying to grind down the battleships. At this point it seemed all wrapped up again for the Tuskers, however the rapid heavy missile launchers from the scorpions managed to eventually take down one of the Onyxs which put them just ahead in points – all Pandemic Legion had to do was keep tanking and not lose a ship. But with only 40 seconds to go one of the Pandemic Legion Scorpions finally broke and was destroyed giving the Tuskers their second victory.

With Pandemic Legion firmly on the back foot the Tuskers only had to win one further match. It was a definite mountain to climb.

For the third, and potentially final, match of the evening the Tuskers brought set up (no 6) consisting of two Typhoon Fleet Issue battleships and Pandemic Legion Sleipnir and Svipul set up (no 1). First blood was given to Pandemic Legion as they managed to take out one of the Tuskers Hyena. Thus allowing the Pandemic Legion Svipuls to move around the field unhindered and take out the Tuskers logistics. After that it was a simple case of Pandemic legion cleaning up the field for a clean sweep victory.

The fourth match the Tuskers brought the same set up as the previous match (no 6) against the third outing of a Pandemic Legions dual Scorpion Navy Issue arrangement (no 5). Unlike the first two matches where Pandemic Legion brought this set up the support wing managed to keep themselves alive much longer. Pandemic legion pushed to take down one of the Tuskers Typhoon Fleet Issues that was struggling in low armour. But the gambit didn’t pay off as the Typhoon Fleet of Suleman managed to pull back armour with only 3% of structure remaining. It cost Pandemic Legion their support wing and not long there after their remaining two battleships eventually fell leaving the Tuskers victorious.

You can watch the entire stream below with individual matches soon to be posted to the #EVE_NT YouTube page. The next match will be between Warlords of the Deep vs Sleeper Social Club on December 6th at 20:00 which can be watched via one of the following methods:


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