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Dust 514 Logi Ops Start November 27th

November 18, 2015

Well Dust mercenaries it seems there is a new event on the horizon.

On November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving, The Logi Ops begin, and according to the dev blog by CCP Frame, there are some good rewards involved!

The Devblog reads:

“Mercenaries! We teamed up with the Council of Planetary Management to bring you a special logistics event in which you will get your hands on bonus Aurum and unique Repair Tool blueprint.

*Calling all Logistics mercs! Yours is an often thankless role in battle, but you’re not in it for the glory. You’re a team player, and you want to see them cross that victory line intact.

For those of you that are good at what you do, there’s a cache of rare, limited edition Council’s Modified Repair Tool BPO and Aurum waiting. Unique new missions with War Point and Kill Assist goals are here. Now go and show the leverage that logistics brings to battle!*

Time Period: Nov 27 11:00 UTC – Dec 1 11:00 UTC .

During this time period, players will encounter a persistent, unique, and un-rerollable mission:

•Earn 10,000 War Points . Reward: Council’s Modified Repair Tool BPO.

In addition, bonus daily mission will also be introduced throughout this event period:

•Score 50 Kill Assists . Reward: 400 AUR.”

According to CCP Frame’s twitter account, the stats on the new Repair Tool BPO will be revealed at the start of the event.

So get some practice, soliders! We have some rewards for us coming!