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180bn ISK Stolen from Trillionaire by Rogue Banker

November 16, 2015

Trillionaire.pro is a relatively new site which has just started making a name for itself in the world of EVE gambling services after smashing past the One Trillion ISK mark in prizes awarded.

The founders Veetor and Sansibar launched the site in early 2015 after spending approximately 7 months on development. Along with the usual services you would expect from a gambling website there are a selection of raffles, and interestingly a selection of fun little free games to play. (My personal favorite being the Asteroids based mini game with a Venture by the name of ‘Adventure Time’.) The site also has its own reward system for loyal users in the form of a loyalty store where points can be traded for rookie ships all the way up to capitals and freighters.

With its slowly growing success, Trillionaire have been able to begin supporting community events including the EOC.tv Rumble. Even though the site generates meager profits in comparison to the larger gaming sites, Veetor and Sansi started to give away ships, or give (often anonymous) donations to fund public events as well as running their own. One of the last in-house events included a raffle for a rare Chremoas ship.

As the site grew, Veetor and Sansi needed to expand the supporting team. Enter Sticklebrick who was brought on after claiming he worked for IWantISK  and thus could bring experience and knowledge.

After working on the team for over 2 months Sticklebrick had helped bring in new customers and the site was continuing to grow. It was at this time he struck. Sticklebrick cleared out the Trillionaire coffers to the tune of 180bn ISK.

When contacted Veetor commented about the theft;

‘It hit us hard as we are still in the early days but luckily between the investors we have managed to cover the losses and none of our customers will be affected. But we have learned our lesson after briefly forgetting that nothing is safe in EVE.  We have since added additional security measure and will continue to work hard to make this website a success.’

Despite this setback Trillionaire continue to express a determination to provide ongoing support to community projects which includes a new sponsorship deal with Bombers Bar to help with them with the running cost of their public roams. Veetor also wanted to share their recent promotional video.

Sticklebrick was approached for comment but at time of publishing has not responded.