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Body Count Inc. leaves Pandemic Legion

November 12, 2015

Body Count Inc. [BCDI] long-term members of Pandemic Legion [-10] have recently confirmed they are due to return to their roots in Mercenary Coalition [MC].

They joined PL in 2011 and were active participants during their time in the alliance. Twice previously, though, BDCI were members of Mercenary Coalition, a well-respected mercenary group in New Eden.

As part of [MC] efforts to rebuilding themselves and their brand over the past few months, [BDCI] have chosen to rejoin the alliance to rediscover the “sense of joy and wonder” that got them hooked to EVE in the first place.

Psianh Auvyander of  Noir, a Mercenary Coalition member corporation, in a recent article on Crossing Zebras,  quoted an PL internal forum post revealing the news to its members:

It is incredibly difficult for a corp to stay active in EVEОnline without bringing in new blood. BDCI is more сlоse-knit than the typical PL corp and thеy’ve been hit the hаrdeѕt with this bug. To avoid fizzling out, BDCI have deсided tо move on a new path – a path of rediscovery to breathe that sense of joy and wonder that all got us hooked to EVEin the first place.

In a interview, Elise Randolph, CEO of [-10] corporation Habitual Euthanasia [HABIT], discussed the news:

Xavier Muvila: What was your reaction when they (BDCI) told you they intended to leave?

Elise Randolph: It was a mutual decision. I’m sad to see them go, but I’m hopeful that the change of scenery will be good for them

Xavier Muvila: How was it having them in PL, after having fought them frequently prior to them joining?

Elise Randolph: There was actually quite a bit of time that had passed between when MC and PL were embroiled in a big war, so it was pretty easy. They joined right after PL were fighting -A- and Cascade Imminent (Manny’s alliance) in Delve. We’re talking 2011, so it was when drakes were en vogue. It’s where we popularized the ‘blap titan.’

Xavier Muvila: What was the main thing BDCI were able to bring to PL?

Elise Randolph: At the time of their joining, I think the addition of Manny (an active FC) was the main selling point, but at the time, BDCI were a very active corp, so adding an FC and 10-20 members to any given fleet was quite nice.

Xavier Muvila: What do you think they’ll be able to bring to MC, now that they’re moving there?

Elise Randolph: I don’t really know all that much about the current state of MC – I know Sabre A has been steadily rebuilding the alliance for that last few months. So, I assume that the addition of BDCI will add a veteran flair, though I imagine that BDCI will benefit from the move as well. BDCI doesn’t recruit the same way as most corps do- they’re a corp of mostly veteran players that have been in the corp for years on end, so whenever a big change is made, those types of players will log in, and (hopefully) rediscover the majesty of EVE.

Xavier Muvila: With MC reopening, and given their recent successes, do you think they will thrive in today’s EVE?

Elise Randolph: EVE is in a transitory period right now where smaller groups can exert their influence, so if they have goals of holding space and what-not, then I imagine they can have some success, but again- I have no idea what MC plan to be.

Xavier Muvila: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Elise Randolph: Just that I wish them the best of luck!

[BDCI] is making a brave move, and certainly, a challenging one. They are entering a time in EVE where mercenaries are not extensively used and some question their role. A return, though, of one of the founding leaders and a sizable, active corporation is certainly going to strengthen Mercenary Coalition. Will this be the start of a revival of true mercenaries in EVE?

EVE sub-reddit has been full of well wishes and discussion of mercenary life in EVE. We wish BCDI all the best in their new venture.