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RvB: Game Over

October 26, 2015

After years of fun fights for all Delucian of RvB has formally announced that they “will stop formal operations.”

After many years and numerous iterations, RvB will stop formal operations.

After much discussion among the principles within RvB it has been decided that we will cease formal operations. The corporations will remain and members can carry on with typical RvB style fighting as desired. However, leadership and programs will be suspended.

Declining numbers in Eve, in general, and an ever increasing workload on a small group of individuals lead us to making this very difficult decision. Our hat is off to those tireless members who made RvB what it was for so many years. RvB lead the way in Eve creating continual content through the Forever War, events where all of Eve was invited and reaching major milestones both individually and corporately for area based combat.

Many of Eve’s core players either make or made a home in RvB, boasting arguably one of the largest player alt bases. RvB also contained one of the most active alt spy bases in Eve as well (we knew who most of you were..). RvB’s unique style of quick PVP provided endless days of content for many of Eve’s citizens.

RvB will sustain the current forums for the foreseeable future.

Members are encouraged to seek community in one of the other fine corporations in Eve, or may remain in Red Federation or Blue Republic. We will be leaving a command member to handle applications and if RvB begins to grow organically without formal command interaction and may be revisited at a later date.

It is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement and hope the best for all of our members.

We appreciate the small number of command members and others who have put heart and soul into RvB for so many years.

Chairman, RVB

RvB will be remembered as the place many pilots learned the basics of pvp, and as such will be mourned by many.

For those who are not familiar with the modus operandi of RvB, it was quite simple: permanent war between the Red corp and the Blue corp, and pretty much anyone was free to join.

Huge highsec battles were a daily thing and the rivalry often got heated.┬áBut as RvB grew in popularity both sides become more coherent – creating a Purple entity that provided more than just constant battles.

RvB maintained a large POCO network which was used to fund free ships, an RvB version of LP for up and coming FCs as well as many community events they held.

To say that RvB will be missed is an understatement – many CEOs have told newer players applying to their corp to go get experience in RvB, often never to see them again. Many FCs cut their teeth in RvB.

To put it plainly; RvB were a huge part of Eve and will be sorely missed.