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Broadcast 4 Reps

October 26, 2015

By Seraph IX Basarab

Recently Eve players and CCP have banded together to put out a video titled “Broadcast 4 reps.” It’s a support movement for people dealing with suicide, depression, and various forms of abuse and hardship. This has opened up some things to consider for us as players. Some reactionary individuals feel as though this sort of attitude somehow takes away from the “htfu” culture which many in Eve espouse. However, playing the game “as intended” with all its harshness, and being a decent human-being outside of game are not mutually exclusive. I’m not exactly the “white knight” type of person within Eve. Much of my gameplay has revolved around cov ops ganks, racketeering, and spying. This isn’t anything unique from hundreds of other players in Eve. None of that should be reason to stop anyone from being there to talk to someone. Maybe they are having financial hardship, lost their job, loss of a loved one, problems with their spouse or other rl difficulties. These aren’t things that people should be ashamed of because most of us if not all have dealt with or will have to deal with various degrees of these problems.

Some people have leveled the criticism that the video is “cringy.” To a certain degree, yes, this is an uncomfortable topic, that’s natural. It’s an uncomfortable expression of emotions we generally keep reserved. However it’s nowhere near as “uncomfortable” as having a dear friend end their life. Worst of all is when you may have been able to do something about it, but were too embarrassed or uncomfortable to speak up and be there for them. People are often too fixated on presenting a stoic facade. From the inside it may seem like everyone else is “on track” while you have to deal with the turmoil that is going on in your own head. That moment when the car in the other lane almost hits you, or when you’re nervous speaking in front of a crowd, or maybe you’re wavering between asking that person out afraid of being rejected…these and other sentiments are things almost everyone has experience with. Having empathy for others is not a weakness, but a realization that we have much more in common.

I’d like for you to take 15 minutes after reading this article and look up some literature online about depression and recognizing it. Don’t argue – you were just going to use that time to shitpoast on reddit or in my comments section anyway. Do something useful and potentially life-saving with that time instead. Depression is different for everyone. Some people are in pain and seek a way out while others feel less and less until there is nothing and see no point to their existence. For someone to go against their natural instinct of self preservation, they must really be having a difficult time. In Eve we’re all immortal space clones and death is but an inconvenience. We can afford to be harsh and Machiavellian with little regard to the well being of the others around us. But in truth, as humans we all have a set amount of time in this world. We’re choosing to spend some of that finite resource with a group of people in an internet spaceship game. Just because it happens over thousands of miles over the internet does not make your interaction any less meaningful. Yes, you are your brother’s keeper. You can be an evil space dictator or ransoming pirate in Eve while being a decent person outside of Eve all the same. If even one life is preserved due to these efforts, than it is well worth it.

Make sure to check out the links in the video and in game channel. Take care and fly safe. o/

-Seraph IX Basarab