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Project.Mayhem. Downs an Avatar in Hakonen

October 23, 2015

Hakonen system, Lonetrek region. On the 23rd of October at 11:00 EVE Standard Time, an Avatar Titan was destroyed by forces belonging to Project.Mayhem. [16-13].

The Titan in question appears to have been recently bought, making its way to its alliance, Brothers in Arms Alliance [BIA], staging system in the Pure Blind region. Information about the sale and location of the Titan has been circulating between the various Super Capital hunting crews, reaching Project.Mayhem. as well who were in place to intercept the Titan.

The Original Sale Thread

The first attempt to intercept the Titan in the Obe system of the Forge region failed, as it managed to jump in and safe up before Project.Mayhem. pilots could get in place to catch it. However by then they had both the Titan and any possible cynosural beacon pilot associated with it on watch list. They then checked possible routes from the Obe system to its alliance’s staging system, finding two.

One route involved a direct jump, the other, taking a gate and then executing a jump. Heavy Interdictor pilots were quickly stationed both in the direct jump system and the Obe system where the Titan was logged off in, waiting for it to make a move. On the 23rd, the Titan attempted to use the second route. Logging in with less than 5 minutes left before the server’s scheduled maintenance down time, the Titan warped to the Hakonen gate and held on it. The Project.Mayhem. Heavy Interdictors were ready and warped to the gate as well.

At that moment the Titan had two options; jump into Hakonen and attempt to hold cloak and hope the scheduled down time would save it, or make an emergency jump. In the end it chose the first option and jumped into Hakonen, accompanied by the Project.Mayhem. Heavy Interdictors. With only a minute and a half left, the Titan uncloaked and was immediately tackled. One of the Heavy Interdicotrs lit a cynosural beacon, bringing in the Project.Mayhem. Dreadnoughts.

At that point Project.Mayhem. were racing the clock in an attempt to destroy the Titan before it was freed by the scheduled down time. Overheating their guns, the Dreadnoughts managed to chew chunks of the Titan’s armor but it wasn’t enough. With only seconds remaining, a decision was made – Bring in a Titan. A Ragnarok Titan jumped to the already lit cynosural beacons, targeted the Titan and fired its doomsday weapon. The massive amount of damage it caused was enough to wipe the remaining armor and structure hit points the Avatar Titan still possessed resulting in its explosion just as the server shut down.

Click for Killmail

Once the server was back up again, the Project.Mayhem. Dreadnoughts and Titan safely extracted, having scored a Titan kill at the nick of time.

The Titan Kill from the PoV of the Project.Mayhem. Dreadnought

Salivan Harddin is a member of Reikoku, Pandemic Legion, and covers battles across New Eden