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October Player Meets And Events

October 1, 2015

September was a huge month with 12 player meetups and events held all over the world including England, France, Germany, Netherlands, and even Korea. CCP staff also hit the road during their Euro Tour attending Eve NT (Nottingham), Paris, and Berlin before landing in the Netherlands for Evesterdam.

While September isn’t as busy, there are still 9 separate events, including the main event for American Eve Players – Eve Vegas.

You can find out more about these events via evemeet.net where you can also set up notifications about planned events in your area or create your own meets.

This months events take on a distinctly North American theme after Septembers very European schedule. The events are as follows:-

Do you have an event planned in the future? Get in touch with me via twitter @TiberiusStarGaz or vis ingame mail.