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CCPizza: Appreciation Campaign To Supply CCP With Pizza Smashes Target

September 25, 2015

Cornak Firefist is one grateful capsuleer. On a a whim, he decided he’s like to buy the staff at CCP pizza, as a way of saying thanks for all their hard work. After being in contact with CCP, he decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise $60, enough money to buy 4 pizza’s for CCP. On the GoFundMe page, Cornak states:

So a few nights ago, I decided on impulse to buy CCP some pizza for lunch. Unfortunately, I realized that I did not have an icelandic cell number, so my original solution of just ordering from Dominos was not going to work. I asked Tweetfleet for help, and got some pretty interested people, including Raphendyr Nardieu. We got in contact with CCP Foxfour, who referred us to  http://castello.is, which apparently sells very good pizza.

We plan to buy at minimum 4 pizzas, and preferably more like 12. It’s 1650 ISK for a large, or USD$12.90, which goes to about 15 with the GoFundMe fees. Gameplan is to collect money over the next week, and buy the pizza for them next Friday. If we get a non-whole number worth of pizzas, I’ll just throw in something else from the menu until it hits the proper amount. Also, I’m not sure, but if GoFundMe has a way to comment when you donate, please put in suggestions for box drawings.

What began as a small gesture of appreciation has snowballed to smash all expectations. At the time of publishing $1,337 in donations has been raised by the Eve Community to say thank you to CCP for their continued willingness to listen to player feedback, and react to it in the right way, despite the large amount of pressure from the community over recent game changes.




As per CCP Paradox’s tweet above, the response from the community has even made headlines on an Icelandic news website here.

At this present time, Cornak Firefist has suspended donations, but recently tweeted that he may reopen the campaign with excess money being donated to an Icelandic food bank. News can also be found via the Twitter hashtag #CCPizza, where CCP employees have been expressing their gratitude.