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Agony Unleashed Public Roams Return

September 25, 2015

The learning cliff of Eve is well known, and many organisations offer services helping and training rookie players and veterans to learn the game’s complex mechanics. But one particular corp has for many years made itself the leading name in teaching PvP combat – Agony Unleashed.

Unlike many ‘teaching corporations’ Agony doesn’t actually recruit members into their corp specifically to train, but instead their members volunteer to operate what is known as the PvP-U. A project aiming to teach the fundamentals of PvP to the general public, a service they have been running since 2006.

Agony offer two types of classes, ‘Core’ and ‘Specialist’. The Core classes are a sequential syllabus of four classes ranging from PvP Basics through to PvP Advanced with each one needing to be completed in sequence. The Specialist classes are semi-regular or one-off classes that cover a wide variety of subjects from Fleet Command, Covert Ops, Electronic Warfare and so on. You can find out more about their classes and how to enroll for them via their wiki here.

As a side note, Agony are also the producers of probably one of the most linked tutorial videos in eve –‘Tracking and Spiralling’

After a break of a few months, Agony has brought back one of its regular activities, NPSI public roams. The details are as follows:

Destroyers Unleashed – Agony Empire NPSI Public Roam

Staging: Berta VI – Moon 19 – Ammatar Consulate Bureau

Low-sec staging: Irshah VIII – Moon 9 – Trust Partners Trading Post

Start time (eve time): 20:00

Date: September 26th

Ship Types: Destroyers

  • Destroyers (Long range with an MWD)
  • Frigate Logi (Bantam or Burst)
  • Any kind of tackle/support frigates if you aren’t able to fly a destroyer

Check out this document for some suggested fits


Recommended Reships: 2

Comms: Teamspeak 3

  • Teamspeak 3 Address: AgonyUnleashed.typefrag.com:4360
  • PW: stopsucking
  • Please connect with your in-game name

Fleet invite: Roughly 20 minutes before the start time we will start asking for X’s in our public chat and start sending out invites


We will be roaming in both Low-sec and Null-sec looking for anything to shoot!

Plan on the roam running for at least 2 hours and even more should we have the numbers to continue.

We want this to be a fun environment for both parties so bring a good attitude and be ready for some pew!


NPSI is short for ‘Not Purple Shoot It’ – as in, anything that is not in the fleet with you is free to be shot at. NPSI roams are a great way for people who are either new to PvP to go out with a group of people who range from the seasoned down to the novice under the stewardship of an experienced Fleet commander to learn the basics of operating in a fleet and how a fleet operates. It also gives you a chance to meet other like minded Eve players in an environment outside of your usual Corporation or Alliance environment. They are fantastic social events and a great way to dip your toe into something a bit different if you usually don’t PvP.

Be warned however, you will be shooting anyone and everyone that isn’t in fleet even your own Corp or Alliance mates, so make sure they are of the understanding type!

You can find out more information on their website by following the link here.

Are you organising an Event in or out of game? EN24 would like to hear from you! Contact Tiberius StarGazer in game or via twitter @TiberiusStarGaz