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Quantum Explosion Begin Dropbears Anonymous Eviction Campaign

September 11, 2015

Just after downtime today, Quantum Explosion, a Russian Class 6 wormhole renting corporation began their campaign against Dropbears Anonymous, the largest wormhole corporation in Brave Collective. Dropbears Anonymous, based out of J105934, known as Nova, are also the last non-renter  Class 6 Wormhole English speaking corporation. J105934 is a Class 6 Magnetar wormhole.

Not only is Nova a famous wormhole in its own right, being heavily featured in Rooks and Kings Clarion Call 3 video, but it is also one of the most profitable areas of wormhole space in EVE, although Dropbears have not farmed the space for some time now.  Magnetar wormholes have various stat effects that include a 100% bonus to all damage delivered. This means that a fight for this space is going to be hard, and bloody.

As the mechanics of J Space mean that pods are the most important thing in wormholes, because if you lose your pod, you will end up outside of wormhole space in a station. So as Quantum Explosion moved in to reinforce Dropbears POS’s in the system, Dropbears began to gather their resources and ships together, while attempting to distract the enemy fleet without losing pods.

Fights for wormhole space generally happen on the static wormhole leading into the space, as whoever controls it can restrict enemy reinforcements from entering the system. As of writing this article Quantum Explosion currently control the static, however, when we enter US timezone, we will likely start to see skirmishes on the static.

Every C5/C6 wormhole corporation is expected to be on field when the fight happens, and when the deciding fight will happen when one FC commits to bubbling the field, ensuring pods can be removed from the wormhole. With Dropbears Anonymous being heavily invested in this space, if they lose the space, it is expected that Quantum Explosion will burn the system, resulting in the biggest ISK damage of any wormhole battle than ever before, and if Dropbears win, the results will be equally dramatic.

When asked about the eviction campaign, Loki Sotken of Dropbears Anonymous said:

“Having held NOVA for over a year, we are looking forward to a fight. We want to see how many people it will take to bring us down. We are prepared for an eviction. They have a lot of friends, and losing is a realistic option, however, I am very proud of my guys already, and we’re looking forward to the fight. Win or lose, the biggest wormhole fight in history reached 155 billion, this one will blow that out of the water.”

With the largest wormhole fight in EVE brewing right now, you can expect to see a huge battle report in the next week.