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DRAMA: Black Legion internal struggles

September 2, 2015

Disclaimer: Drama is often created because people have many different views on what happened; this includes multiple versions and stories. Please keep this in mind when reading the article below!

The drama started when Elo Knight, Black Legion‘s CEO, went inactive from the game. Ipsimus took over Elo Knight’s responsibilities during this period of time as he is the backup leader and diplomat of Black Legion. After Elo began his hiatus, a friend and member of Origin applied to a corporation in Snuff box. The individual was leaving Origin due to Elo’s inactivity. When Ipsimus heard about this he decided to¬†quickly kick the person from Origin. This is a tactic certain groups use to protect themselves from any potential harm in these situations, the same way real world companies wave two week grace periods to protect sensitive data.

A Black Legion member who wished to stay anonymous said the following about the person leaving Black Legion:

like I mean tbh for most of us I’d be lying if I said that people didnt join Black Legion just for Elo Knight either way back when

When Elo Knight returned to the game, he told Ipsimus that he was doing such a good job running Origin that Elo didn’t demand the CEO position be handed back. Elo would then create a new Corporation and join Black Legion with it to not step on Ipsimus’ toes. At this point there was no drama. However, this quickly changed when Elo Knight’s recently kicked friend joined this newly formed corporation.

Black Legions policy is that corporations are not allowed to accept a person who got kicked from another Black Legion corporation. Ipsimus followed policies and removed the corporation from the alliance. Ipsimus forgot to inform Elo Knight about this ahead of time, and as you can understand, Elo was not to happy when he found out what had happened. Ipsimus was still CEO of Origin when this happened, so Elo Knight used his share majority and CEO Voted to replace Ipsimus with himself, thus securing control of the corporation and alliance.

With Elo returning and the Drama that went down he decided to hold a meeting to discuss the events that happened and the future of the alliance.

Before Elo’s meeting. Capri, a Diplomat in Black Legion talked about their view off the past months, and told that ipsimus would be leaving the alliance together with ”about 80% of the active Origin members”.

The Future of Black Legion seems to be grim, with Elo announcing a new reformation plan, that included using Blockade runners to carry around ships all over eve to get fights. Capri said however said that he and a large pertain of the current leadership is not interested in Elo’s plans and they will likely leave, where is however unknown.