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Provi War – The First Hit

August 25, 2015

The Imperium attacked Providence region in earnest on the 24th of August 2015. The first day of the Provi War was a limited success for the Imperium. The stated goal was a full roll over of Providence and this was not achieved. Provi-Block had active fleets from DT and onwards to meet Entosis frigs before vulnerability windows. At the peak of fighting Provi-Block fielded approximately 340 pilots against 1150 from The Imperium.

CVA is the main SOV holder in Providence with their vulnerability window set at 20:00 EVE time. Most alliances in Providence are EU TZ with 3 alliances having separate US TZ vulnerability windows. The following map is the result of the EU vulnerability window battles that took place.

Skærmbillede 2015-08-25 00.57.35

It is clear to see that The Imperium was able to successfully reinforce systems with a low defense multiplier. There are 3 indexes that calculate the defense multiplier: Strategic, Military and Industry. Strategic index goes up the longer that you have claimed SOV. Military index goes up with the amount of ratting in system. Industry index goes up with the amount of mining in system.

Given that CVA and all other alliances in Providence has full strategic level 5 in all systems, it stands to reason that there are systems in Providence region that have not been fully used or strategically mined/ratted. These systems have a much wider vulnerability window where Imperium fleets could fight and use Entosis Links. All systems in Provi with a 3 hour vulnerability window have not been reinforced. This should stand as a minor defeat to The Imperium as they had set full reinforcement of the region as a starting goal.

Disclaimer: The following battlereport is gathered from all the systems with significant engagements from all over Providence region. The author apologises for minor mistakes.

The butcher’s bill for the main EU TZ stands at 66B lost in subcap engagements.

Skærmbillede 2015-08-25 01.28.50

Provi-Block stands a clear winner of the ISK balance. One must decide if this is worth the reinforcement of 34 systems in EU TZ and more to come in US TZ. 3 alliances in Providence have US TZ windows set around 00:00 EVE time. These alliances will probably have a harder time defending their SOV given that Provi-Block will not be able to field the same amount of pilots in US TZ. Although on the other hand, there are far fewer vulnerability windows to defend.

The Imperium will most likely bring more numbers tomorrow for the remaining systems in the region. Wednesday the 26th of August will see another great battle for the current timers reinforced today.