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Amarr: Succession Trials

August 22, 2015

CCP Logibro announced new Amarrian Succession Trials during the Alliance Tournament XII stream. The trials determine the next leader of the Amarr Empire, as players fight as warrior-champions, one per house.  These trials come in the wake of Empress Jamyl I’s demise, and the heir from the House of the winning player will ascend to the throne.

The house of Kor-Azor beat the House of Jamyl for the throne. The hero was rewarded with two planets named after him in Kor-Azor Prime system. Unfortunately the newly crowned Emperor unexpectedly died while Jamyl rose to power and took over the Empire, until now.

The last time New Eden saw Succession Trials 12 years ago in 2003.  The participants were well known PVPers of the time, fighting 1 v 1 matches (with a wingman for each).  This early EVE tournament was the basis for the Alliance Tournament of today, so it is fitting that this announcement was made, live, from the ATXIII panel during the tournament.

EVElopedia Information
2003 Trial Announcement 

Only Amarr ships can be used, and a champion’s standings must not be negative towards the Amarr Empire. Any race can compete. If youwant to compete for glory and fame, see below.


To fight for a house you must qualify, and be available to fight in person at 2016 FanFest in Iceland.  CCP will pay for each champion’s travel.

Get your passport now. Many players have been barred from travel by not having one ready in time, it takes months to process a passport.

CCP Logibro:

Hey guys

So as announced during Alliance Tournament XIII, the Amarr championships are going to happen. The Amarr championships are part of the Succession Trials used to select the new emperor of the Amarr Empire from one of the heirs of the royal houses of Amarr. We’ll be announcing more details in the weeks to come (including things like rules and how to register), but here are the important things you need to know right now:
The finals will be taking place at Fanfest 2016, so you need to be able to travel to Iceland. That means you need a passport. If you are selected to participate in the finals, we’ll be flying you over. This also includes accommodation and entry to Fanfest.
Only Amarr ships will be permitted in the tournament. More specifically, only ships that require an Amarr ships skill, and no other kind of racial ship skill will be permitted. This means all T2 Amarr ships will be allowed (including Khanid), but Sansha, SOE, and Blood Raider ships will not be permitted.
You will need to have positive standings with the Amarr Empire to participate
Additionally, before anyone asks: you may not put forward an heir of your choice to be considered in the succession trials,.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

Complete 2016 Sucession Trials Thread [here]. CCP Logibro said more information will be dispensed in the following days.


Official Announcement

2015-08-22 18:48 | By Lina Ambre

Amarr Prime – With the Amarr Empire still reeling from the shock of the Drifter sneak attack that killed Empress Jamyl I, imperial authorities are moving rapidly to ensure an orderly succession process, overseen by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi. Under the protocols of the Amarr Empire, the Court Chamberlain is tasked with maintaining continuity of the imperial government while providing for succession to the throne by one of the Royal Heirs.

Speaking from the Imperial Palace in the holy city of Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime, Lord Pomik Haromi made a brief statement confirming that the succession process would use the traditional trials of champions to determine the next occupant of the Golden Throne of Amarr.

In remarks that signal a return to the normal order of royal successions, Lord Haromi stated, “As there appears to be no immediate choice by the hand of the divine, it is my sacred duty to declare a succession by trials of those champions chosen by the Royal Houses. As prowess in defending Holy Amarr is to the fore of our minds, I would expect paladins from the ranks of our loyal capsuleers to declare themselves available to their liege lords.”

The Court Chamberlain concluded his remarks by indicating that the Privy and Theology Councils would be meeting in special conclave to determine the particulars and laws applying to the succession trials.

Original post [here]

Historian perspective on 2003 Trials

New Eden historian Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci wrote:

Fellow Capsuleers of New Eden.

On 8.21.YC117, a Vigilant Tyrannos taskforce, consisting of no less than one-hundred deadly Drifter Battleships (or “Silverfish” or “Argo”, as some call them), suddenly and deliberately targeted Empress Jamyl I in the Avatar-class Titan “Seraph” outside of the Amarr Navy headquarters in Safizon, destroying the Titan and killing Empress Jamyl. This tragic attack has left the Amarr Empire without an Emperor or Empress; with this, we can now assume that the Empire will once again be hosting succession trials for the next Divine Ruler of the most powerful empire in New Eden.

The Heirs of the royal houses of Amarr are as follows:

Each heir holds tremendous power within the Empire, and each holds a rightful claim to the Amarr Throne, to be determined through the great Succession Trials of Amarr. These trials were last held in November of YC105, following the death of Emperor Heideran IV. During these trials, each Heir was represented by three noble capsuleers of their choosing; these warriors fought for their Heir honorably, leaving Doriam Kor-Azor as the victor of the Trials. Each other heir was then required to commit the ritual suicide, Shathol’Syn.

These were the last Trials held in the Empire; however, with yesterday’s great tragedy, this championship of utmost importance may once again loom.

I come here today to announce and begin to gather support for the Kor-Azor Heir and current Imperial Chancellor, Aritcio Kor-Azor, as the next Emperor of the great and powerful Amarr Empire, should the Trials once again commence. Though I and many of my associates take a neutral position concerning politics, this issue is of utmost importance. The Amarr Empire is the most powerful entity in New Eden in terms of sheer numbers, and such a vast empire necessitates a just and righteous leader. Aritcio Kor-Azor represents the most open-armed, diplomatic, and just of the royal houses; following his dismemberment and regeneration, Aritcio, having been a prone to what can only be called evil tendencies, completely and absolutely shifted his alignment for the better. He became known as the champion of the common man, pushing for just treatment of slaves and heavy limitations on the previously expansive rights of Holders; what’s more, the House Kor-Azor is the most diplomatic and outreaching of the Houses, unwaveringly preferring negotiations to war, and engaging in trade with countless partners across the cluster. This does not downplay the house’s immense influence and strength, however, and only serves to strengthen its unique position.

In the last succession trials, the champion of each house was required to be True Amarr; his wingmen, on the other hand, were not bound by this requirement. I understand the great importance of the succession trials, and do indeed recognize my place (as, I assume, many would wish to chide me for stepping “beyond the bounds” of my position). However, I wish to say that, should trials once again commence, I would consider it the greatest honor to be chosen to fight for Chancellor Kor-Azor as the next Emperor of the Amarr Empire. I recognize the near-zero likelihood of being chosen to receive the honor of participating in any way, and as such I hold no impure feelings toward any who strive for that same role. My only goal in this is to support Arictio Kor-Azor in his claim to the throne, and I deeply look forward to working with those of you who feel the same. Despite any alignments or neutralities I hold, I wish only for the continued unity and glory of the Empire.

May the Amarr Empire forever persist.

Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci

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