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EN24 Podcast, ep.16 – CCP Fozzie on Aegis Sov

July 15, 2015

EN24’s podcast releases another episode (Part I of II). This time we have our second conversation with Game Designer CCP Fozzie on Day 1 of the new sov system. Fozzie walks us through the old sov systems as well as the new; Aegis Sov. Other topics include; recent anomaly adjustments for null-sec, wormhole frequency changes, EVE’s perceived population slump  in null-sec, and some changes to come.

More topics on Part II of the interview, coming soon.

Guest: CCP Fozzie
Writer/Editor: Matterall – Signal Cartel and Destructive Influence Corp, Northern Coalition

Alternative Music Day – All songs by Depeche Mode
Black Celebration, Surrender, Blue Dress, John the Revelator (end)



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