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The Drifter Menace: Amarr Loyalists Attacked in Sarum Prime

June 28, 2015

Sarum Prime system, Domain region. On the 27th of June, at 16:00 EVE Standard Time, a capsuleer rally to show support for the Amarrian empress Jamyl Sarum turned into a battleground as Drifter forces attacked the assembled ships.

The event organized by Imperial Dreams, a member corporation Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], was meant to serve both as a celebration of the 12th anniversary of its foundation and a show of support for the recent edict issued by the Amarr empress. Many alliances and corporations from the Providence region, the 24th Imperial Crusade and the State Protectorate answered the call and assembled in the Mekhios Graveyard in Sarum Prime, a symbolic site where the Minmatar Eldar fleet was defeated by the Empress herself.

The participants were listening to a speech given by JedsZero, Executor of Apocalypse Now. [APOC], one of the Providence Bloc holders, when Drifter battleships descended upon them. The Drifter fleet was estimated at nearly 100 battleships and opened fire on all those present as soon as they arrived. Since the attendees were scattered across the site, along with a civilian Providence class freighter which was used as the conference hall, panic ensued. An attempt to continue the speech was abandoned, with the Amarr loyalist fleet quickly re-grouping at the sun – warping off the battlefield and back again in order to engage the Drifter menace.

Footage of the Assembly as the Drifters Attack

A quick battle erupted, with the capsuleer forces losing many ships but returning fire and destroying the Drifter battleships. After a bloody struggle the capsuleer forces managed to destroy all the Drifter battleships, claiming victory. The loyalist fleet then retreated to a tower in the system, having lost a large portion of its fighting force, in order to finish the proceedings.

Footage of the Allied Fleet Defeating the Drifters, Courtesy of Mangraa Dementia

The battle raises many questions about the Drifters and their abilities. The Drifters had shown aggression towards the four Empires of New Eden, especially the Amarr, and have attacked capsuleers who attempted to use Entosis Links or ventured into their domain. However, the Drifters usually keep a passive stance towards the greater capsuleer community. This attack on an organized rally, and in record numbers, is a point of concern, especially considering the size of the Drifter armada seen in Dr. Hilen Tukoss’ last transmission.

An unsubstantiated report from the battlefield spoke of a strange light flashing after the loyalist fleet warped out to re-group. Capsuleers later said that after the light shimmered, Drifter battleships seemed weakened and were easier to kill. However, there is no recording of the light.

Logs of the official conference can be viewed here.

Salivan Harddin writes for The EVE Scribe, Providence Bloc’s News Portal. When he isn’t busy writing articles, he usually zips across the star lanes of New Eden, not knowing why.