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EVENT: [-IG-] The Empress Decree: AMARR UNITE & 12 Years of Imperial Might

June 10, 2015

By Order of Decree by Empress Jamyl Sarum’s recent proclamation: Amarrians Unite

Imperial Dreams takes the opportunity of our 12 year Anniversary, to plan an Auspicious occasion for all Amarrian loyalists (and allies) to Unite. For the purpose of obedience, celebration of 12 years of accomplishments (the might of the Empire), and a show of support to our Holy Amarr Empire and the Empress’ decision to release new shielding technology.


Date & Time = June 27th, Saturday. 15:00 New Eden Time
Location =  Sarum Prime, Mekios Graveyard
Amarr Militia Fleet Rendezvous: TBD
Colder Allied Fleet Rendezvous: TBD
Providence Holder Fleet Rendezvous: TBD
CVA Fleet Rendezvous: X6AB-Y

for more information and if you wish to attend, or apply to be part of the planning committee, state your intent here.

One note of great import: While this occasion is hosted by Imperial Dreams within the CVA, let this be an occasion where we Amarrians, show our greatest, that we might inspire belief by all that God has blessed us with.

As etched on our holy hulls…



I had a chat with Kahar Dex, organizer of the event who told me his expectations so far are:

We’re expecting a fleet of around 300. But it might be way more, as the representative organizations sending pilots make up a populace of 16,000 capsuleers.

Confirmed Institutions Granted Invitations:


Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA)
Pretoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE)
Aegis Militia (AM)
Apocalypse Now (APOC)
Care Factor (C.F)
Khanid’s Legion (KLEG)
Silent Infinity (AFK)
The Sinful Legion (SINS)


Imperial Dreams (-IG-)
PIE Inc. (PIE)
Adeptus Imperium (ISPQA)
Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry (CCDM)
Chiral’s Angels (Gold Donator)
Defensores Fidei (CLRGY)
Karris Family (KFDF)
Lucifer’s Hammer (LCRH)
Moonfyre Science and Research Inc. (MSRI)
Redneck Luftwaffe (NBRD)
Sanctus Amarria (SCTAM)
Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque (SFRIM)
The Torchwood Institute (TTIN)