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[SMA] Leviathan Down

June 1, 2015

On 2015.05.31 a Black Ops fleet from Snuffed Out [B B C] alliance dropped on a Leviathan belonging to SpikeyWelsh from SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA] in low-sec system Arderonne.

SpikeyWelsh does not have any kills with his titan and his killboard activity suggests that it was recently acquired as in February it shows regular ships in use. Therefore implying it’s potential use in bridging fleets.


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Upon contacting [B B C] for comment there was little intel about the actual tracking and killing of the titan, however [B B C] was more interested in mentioning that they gained the location of the titan through an unconfirmed CEO spy in [SMA].

[21:23:53] Aon Flux > was there an active hunt for the titan or was it a coincidence that you found it?

[21:24:09] Brother Zahariel > We have our fingers in many pies

[21:24:16] Brother Zahariel > In game and sexually

[21:24:22] Aon Flux > of course.

[21:24:48] Brother Zahariel > I can’t tell you how we knew about it but I will say that one of the CEOs in SMA is a snuff alt

Additional info from [B B C] can suggest that the titan pilot tried to dock at the station in Arderonne.

[21:22:13] Aon Flux > was the titan caught on a POS?

[21:22:18] Brother Zahariel > Station

[21:22:24] Brother Zahariel > Trying to dock, I think

[21:32:31] Brother Zahariel > D4rk f0g > SpikeyWelsh > It’s not letting me dock

[21:32:38] Brother Zahariel > D4rk f0g > SpikeyWelsh > no stop please i can’t dock

[21:32:45] Brother Zahariel > D4rk f0g > SpikeyWelsh > ill pay

[21:33:02] Brother Zahariel > ry ry > SpikeyWelsh > fu petitioned griefers

When I contacted [SMA] to understand why the pilot was in that system or if there was a rescue attempt from the alliance, [SMA] had the following to comment on:

[21:51:28] EX Winet > TBH can’t really speak to that what I can tell you is our valuable allies [FCON] last week spoke to us about a pilot applying to them from [SMA] and things just were not quite right

[21:52:11] EX Winet > we did an investigation into it and found quite a bit of daming evidence that then resulted in his corp directors asking him to step down as ceo

[21:52:48] EX Winet > Spikeywelsh is The lone ranger who was his ceo toon and found to be doing some less then desirable things with his corp wallet

The following picture was provided by [SMA] and shows a negative balance on The Lone-ranger’s wallet.

So to summarise;

SpikeyWelsh is the founder of Umbra-Domini, a corp still in [SMA]. The Lone-ranger was listed as the CEO of Umbra-domini on www.evewho.com, but the info now shows a new CEO.

[SMA] confirms that The Lone-ranger was asked to step down as CEO and leave the alliance due to nefarious handling of corp funds, as possibly shown in the above image. [SMA] also confirms that SpikeyWelsh is the titan toon of The Lone-ranger.

There are no reports to why the pilot was in that system, but if the reports from local chat are true then SpikeyWelsh was not aware that titans and supers cannot dock at stations. This is basic titan and supercarrier knowledge. It appears that [SMA] has kicked out a CEO with a titan toon due to possible RMT and another player in [SMA] alliance with ties to [B B C] tipped them off with the location of an easy titan kill.

Never a dull moment in EVE.

[SMA] and [B B C] have both contributed to this article. However, at the time of writing SpikeyWelsh has yet to comment.

Update: As is evidently clear the reports involved modified comments stating that the pilot tried to dock in system, even though it had no station. The actual method of death was following cynoing into system, the pilot cloaked on grid whilst leaving the cyno alt in position, therefore when the ship was probed down it simply took some burning around grid to decloak and tackle.