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2 Gentlemen’s.Club Super Carriers Destroyed in Immensea

May 30, 2015

DR-427 system, Immensea region. On the 30th of May, in the early hours of the morning 2 Gentlemen’s.Club [GCLUB] Super Carriers, a Nyx and a Wyvern, were destroyed in the system to a combined Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Dirt Nap Squad. [-DNS-] fleet.

[-10.0] forces had a Black Ops Battleship fleet, nearly 70 pilots strong. The fleet initially jumped to a mid point near Immensea, hunting ratting Carriers, when information from [-DNS-] about 2 Super Carriers sitting in a mining anomaly in the DR-427 system came through. Since the Black Ops Battleships could not tackle the Super Carriers on their own, and the system was too far to bring a large fleet or Super Capitals in time, [-DNS-] were asked to re-ship and bring Interdictors as well as a cynosural beacon for the initial tackle.

[-DNS-] obliged the request, and [-10.0] slowly increased the number of Black Ops ships in the mid system from 20 initially to approximately 50. The [-DNS-] Interdictors were blazing towards the system, but were hotdropped on the way, losing all the Heavy Interdictors they had with them. Regardless, the remaining Interdictors continued on, reaching the system and warping straight to the anomaly.

The Super Carriers were there along with a large mining fleet. The Interdictors landed on top of them and dropped their interdiction probe ‘bubbles’. With the Super Carriers and the mining fleet under a thick cover of interdiction probes, a [-DNS-] Proteus lit a cynosural beacon for the Black Ops fleet, which immediately jumped in. Nearly 50 Black Ops Battleships landed on grid with the first wave. The fleet began taking down the mining fleet, in order to reduce possible damage on the field, as it applied Neutralizers to the Super Carriers, effectively draining their capacitor, crippling their tanks & making it impossible for them to jump out in case the bubbles were cleared.

Once the mining fleet was dealt with, the Black Ops chewed through the Nyx’s armor, slowly bringing it down, all the while clearing Fighters to reduce incoming damage. Once the Nyx was decimated, the Wyvern’s turn came up and it went down even quicker. All the while [-10.0] kept reinforcing their Black Ops numbers, reaching nearly 70 by the end of the fight. As the last Black Ops arrived on the field, the Wyvern succumbed to the damage and exploded.

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With the 2 Super Carriers destroyed, the [-10.0] Black Ops fleet jumped out of the system and safely extracted to its staging system, leaving a field of wrecks strewn in its wake.

Fixed battle report for the DR-427 system can be found here.

[-10.0] lost 2 Black Ops Battleships: 1 to a disconnect and 1 under unknown circumstances to the Super Carriers, while [-DNS-] lost a Proteus and a few Interdictors for a total of 8 ships and nearly 5 Bil ISK of damage received. [GCLUB] lost a Wyvern and a Nyx, as well as a mining fleet, totaling 22 ships and 50 Bil ISK in damage.

The story of these Super Carriers is another example of the hubris shown by sovereignty-holding alliances after the Phoebe patch, thinking themselves safe from harm and out of reach due to the jump mechanic changes. The tragedy is further aggravated by the fact that the system is merely 3 jumps away from the [GCLUB] main staging system, yet no reinforcements or an attempt to organize a relief fleet were made. Perhaps these losses will remind Super Capital pilots; danger still lurks in the depths of space.

UPDATE: Edited footage of the drop was made available on reddit: Link to the original post.

Salivan Harddin writes for The EVE Scribe, Providence Bloc’s News Portal. When he isn’t busy writing articles, he usually gets chased by Fighters in his Blops.