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Triumvirate Loses Ragnarok to a Misclick

May 27, 2015

Last night a Ragnarok piloted by MOMEHT uCTuHbI, a member of Triumvirate, died at the hands of Northern Coalition. and Mercenary Coalition.

NCDOT had found a WH connection that lead to two jumps out of QRH-BF which had 50 active pilots on the map. When scouting the system, it appeared that Intrepid Crossing was shooting an Advent of Fate POS with a couple of carriers and dreadnoughts. NCDOT formed up a Proteus fleet, but due to low logistics numbers it took too long for them to get ready. By the time they were ready to roll, the IRC capitals had warped out.

NCDOT decided to wait and see if anything would happen, so they ordered a couple of interdictors to log out on the POS grid. According to Travis Musgrat, head FC of NCDOT, he was refreshing the killboard of a couple of the dreadnought & carrier pilots when he noticed that they switched to Dominixes. He contacted Advent of Fate, who had been manning the pos guns to defend their pos, and told them to log these out to see how IRC would respond.

15 minutes went by with no action and NCDOT decided to stand down. However, just as they said that, 3 dreadnoughts undocked. They sat on their station for about 5 minutes until 2 more joined and then they all warped back to the Advent of Fate POS. NCDOT Quickly reformed and by the time the IRC dreadnoughts had landed on the POS, NCDOT was ready to fight.

Interdictors who had logged off in the system logged back in and started bubbling the dreadnoughts. NCDOT jumped through their WH and quickly flew to QRH-BF.

The dreadnoughts were dying slowly to the NCDOT fleet, starting with the Moros, then the Revelations with the Phoenix the last to succumb. While this was happening, IRC had asked Triumvirate to come and save them. TRI responded by forming a Rattlesnake fleet, which they then flew over to MOMEHT uCTuHbI’s Ragnarok for a bridge into the QRH-BF system, where the IRC dreads were tackled.

The Phoenix was the only capital left on field when IRC lit their cyno for the Triumvirate fleet. Like many titan pilots before him, MOMEHT uCTuHbI mis-clicked: instead of bridging, he jumped to the cyno. NCDOT were surprised that a Triumvirate titan suddenly appeared but quickly gathered their wits and ordered all dictors to bubble the Ragnarok. They knew that Triumvirate was blue to IRC so this titan couldn’t have come in for a drive-by, deducing that TRI attempted to jump in a support fleet, which was now surely on its way to come and save the Ragnarok, either by gate or another bridge titan. Time was of the essence!

Video of the Triumvirate Ragnarok jumping instead of bridging

NCDOT’s fleet wasn’t that high on DPS, so they poked some of their blues who were able to supply some extra. A Triumvirate triage Chimera had jumped in with the Ragnarok, so he was the first to be called primary. The Chimera was able to tank most of the NCDOT fleet, who only had Travis Musgrat’s Bhaalgorn, who was out of cap boosters, to try and neutralize the Chimera.

Suddenly, an Advent of Fate Hel appeard 450km off the Ragnarok and warped down to his POS edge to assist NCDOT, killing the Chimera. Moments later the Triumvirate Rattlesnake fleet jumped into the system and together with an IRC triage Thanatos, landed on grid. The Thanatos was called primary and died soon after, quickly followed by a succession of Rattlesnakes.

With more NCDOT allies entering system, the Ragnarok was finally called primary. Realizing he would die, MOMEHT uCTuHbI started his self-destruct timer.

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NCDOT’s Perspective: