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Bug Discovered With New SKIN System Allowing Any Skin On Any Ship

May 1, 2015

As of approximately 09:00 this morning (1st of May) a reddit post appeared on the Eve Subreddit showing skins on ships that currently do not exist in the current Ship SKIN system. Within hours, the thread was filled with pictures of various ships with exotic skins such as a golden Hel and Nyx Super Carriers. A selection of these ships that have been skinned can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

Within two hours of the Reddit post going live, CCP_Cognac posted the following:


things you don’t want to see when you wake up with a hangover…. knowing there was a bug like this…. hoping that people wouldn’t find it before fix…… and really hoping that if people found it , it would not be on reddit……. Please don’t do this guys… some skins do not perform well on certain hulls and it can have a performance impact for other people…

Shortly there after a full Dev Blog was published by CCP Falcon:

7c1ac8e8413767ca1217119a07ba1c82_400x400It has been brought to our attention today that players have discovered a bug with the ship skinning feature which was deployed in the Mosaic release on April 28th.

The SKIN system is designed to be very adaptable and robust so that we can bring more customization options to our players, however the bug that has been discovered allows players to skin their ships with any skin from in game, without restrictions on race, faction and class of ship.

Right now, with the initial launch of the feature, the SKINS that are available are just a small percentage of what’s possible with the system, and we’ll be expanding the SKIN lineup going forward as we push more variations through the QA process and approve them for use on Tranquility.

The SKINs that are currently available through the New Eden Store are those that have passed through the required QA checks and have been tested to ensure that they’re suitable for in game use. We carry out a number of tests before a skin is released into the store to ensure that they don’t cause any undue load or client issues when they are displayed on ships, and to confirm that they meet the visual target that we have for the EVE Universe.

SKINs that are being applied to ships by using the bug that has been discovered have not yet been through the QA process, and are not tested to ensure that they give optimal performance during gameplay. Some of them may also still need extra work to ensure that they meet the visual standard that we have for the EVE Universe.

With this in mind, while some of them may look pretty, we advise players not to use these skins at the present time, as they may cause increased load and client performance issues. If players do continue to use these skins in spite of this warning before a fix is put in place, then they do so at their own risk, and will not be eligible for any form of reimbursement for any losses incurred.

While is it no secret that the current release of ship skins will certainly not be the last. With many more to be released as time goes on, it can be seen from some of the screenshots below that many of the skins are currently not optimized for these ships. Indeed, many of the skins shown below probably never were intended for those particular ships, specifically in regards to the lore of EVE which the developers stated that they have every intention to stay true to.

CCP Cognac re-itterates this on reddit:

92688311_200We have skins that are expensive(performance) and don’t perform well, thus we leave them out. we also have art direction in our game which can have an impact on what we can do with each skin. has nothing to do with malice or trying to keep stuff away form players. we have tried to get as much variety we can with the assets we currently have and we will continue to iterate on that. In your mind you might want amarr skins on caldari ships… but that is not happening from our side , integrity of the look and lore of the game will always trump that.

In short, while this is a fun bug to play with and can result in some great looking ships, don’t do it! While this is not a bannable offence (yet) it can have unintended repercussions. If, however, you do want to play around with exotic skins on ships, the best place to look will be Caldari Prime Pony Club Jeremy Ship Renderer where using the URL of the site, you can mix and match ships and skins to your heart’s content.


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