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ProviBloc destruction derby, 100b isk destroyed

April 15, 2015

With Brave’s departure from Catch, the region has since fallen immensely quiet with the usual farmers now looking for content elsewhere. Many of the farmers have begun to divert their attentions back to Providence, who before HERO’s entrance into Catch was considered the place to be for good fights and farming. In recent days Providence has become a hub for content with many alliances coming there way, including fleets from well known entities such as RvB and The Gorgon Empire. Last night Provibloc was home to a pair of fights that, combined, saw over 100b destroyed in the space of a few short hours. While 100b may not sound alot given the staggering amounts losses in recent weeks in the Fountain/Delve wars, these fights saw no capitals used yet such a large amount of isk was still destroyed.

The night started as a RvB gang came roaming to Providence in search of a good fight.  Provibloc formed up in a Sentry-Battleship doctrine and after a bit of a chase, the two forces eventually clashed in 9-F0B2 with Provibloc having the significant advantage in terms of firepower and numbers. While Provibloc and RvB were busy chewing through each other’s fleets, The Gorgon Empire showed up in a Machariel gang and began sniping. As RvB left the field, Provibloc turned their attentions to the Machariels however Provibloc’s tackle had been annihilated by RvB and so they were only able to kill 3 before the Machariels were able to MJD to safety. The Machariels continued to snipe Provibloc however Provi were able to utilise their damp-superiority and bomber-expertise to eventually force the Machariels to head home. Just as the evening was thought to be over, intel began streaming in of a large armour WH’er fleet led by prominent Nulli FC; Progodlegend.  Provi-bloc quickly repositioned themselves onto the ZQ-Z3Y gate in 9UY4-H and waited for their foes to jump in.

The WH’ers jumped in and immediately began to engage Provibloc who were setup on the gate. While Provibloc focused on killing Guardians (as is the norm in most fights), the WH’ers decided to kill enemy mainline DPS ships in an attempt to remove as much DPS off field as quickly as possible. This is a risky strategy as if the enemy Logi is able to sufficiently prevent you from killing off ships fast enough then you have lost the fight. Initially Provibloc ships were not dying fast enough and so the fight seemed to be going heavily in favour of Provibloc however the fight began to turn in the WH’ers favour when battleships began rapidly dying. It seemed inevitable that the WH’ers would ultimately win the fight however a Provibloc bomber squadron showed up and ensured that would not be the case. The bomb run was devastatingly effective, destroying dozens of ships immediately and crippling the rest of the fleet sufficiently enough to allow the battleships of Provibloc to quickly mop up the rest.

Thanks to corebloodbrothers for his help in the making of this article.