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Leaks: DARKNESS. Alliance Update

April 8, 2015

The following Alliance update was made by Sort Dragon, CSM 10 member and DARKNESS. Alliance leader. Enjoy!

At the request of others and it being time to do so I wanted to take the time tonight to write up and give you all an update as to what is happening this week and what has happened this weekend.

What lead to where we are now.

On the weekend before fanfest us and our allies started a campaign on fountain for what was this time no joke or ignoring what we called it, an invasion of fountain. From what I have told from people in our own camp and from hostiles I have heard from this invasion was not executed to the best of ours and our allies abilities.

By the time I had returned from fanfest tired as anything after what was an amazing week with friends and ccp showing off some great things along with some things that scared the shit out of me our ‘invasion’ or lack there of had ground mostly to a halt. Anyone who has fought a sov war against the cfc or pretty much any half way decent sov entity in eve you cannot give your enemy a breather if you don’t want to be flipped on your stomach and be on the receiving end of what you have just tried to do to your enemy.

So with the how we got here explained we can now understand why we find ourselves on the defensive here in delve. I have always said it would be a good thing to have darkness be on the defensive a little due to us finally getting a chance to try out defending and because you generally do not get to see the worth of an alliance until you give them a chance to defend.

Where we are now.

Simply put, we are on the defensive we are fighting against an enemy who I have fought against and alongside in multiple wars in the past. They know their shit and they know what they are doing. It is now into the third week of this invasion and up until this weekend we had done quite well with saving stations and moons and getting some pretty interesting fights during the week.

The woes that is Easter Weekend 2015.

I have had a few people ask me what happened this week and why we did not form. I am not going to lie to you but I will explain what happened to cause us to make the decision to not openly contend most of the timers this weekend. First off I will be open to you with what we lost this weekend. At the current tally we have lost 15 r64s 3 sov systems and 2 ihubs in non station systems this weekend the reason for this is simple. We didn’t have the capability to form, it would ┬ábe a lie if I said we didn’t have the numbers because just like our enemies we had a lot of free members on holiday for the weekend. What we didn’t have was fc’s and at the worst times stronters.

This weekend is in my opinion the worst weekend to fight in if you are fighting an enemy that has a numerical advantage, it is a 4 day weekend where it is easy to flood your enemy with timers to make the weekend horrible and that is exactly what the cfc did. We now find ourselves at the end of the weekend having taken a bit of a black eye but still standing.

Sort this is all words, whats the plan?

Now that Easter is over it is back to normal, back to normal weeks and back to normal weekend. We will be forcing the cfc to fight us in the AU tz as much as we possibly can, this as last week proved is a time zone we have a decent chance of fighting and winning in. UStz has also proven this weekend that it can also dance with the devil and have a decent chance of contesting timers in. That just leaves the EU time zone, our main time zone as the EU in this time zone we will have to pick and choose our fights.

Along with this guys I need a few things from you guys:

Dreads, Dreads, Dreads. Those of you with dreads and dread pilots make sure you have both in m5- and be ready to use them if anything has been shown from the past week is that dreads are key.

Slowcats and Triage. I still have 40 Slowcats to sell please get with your ceo’s if you want to buy them. They are currently 900 mil each so less then half price for the full fit. If you have these already be ready to use them in the staging system. Same with triage, we have been using these extensively for this campaign.

Australian Time zone. If you have the ability to play in this time zone then I expect to have a lot of action come out of this time zone. This is not to say that the EU and US time zones do not need love too they do but for sov this is where we will have the best chance to save our shit.

Allied services: Even though some of our allies services can be aids that does not mean you do not need to register on them and have them ready to use.

Changes internally.

2 Points.

1: We are looking internally in the FC teams at the possibility of running 2 doctrines within darkeshi. 1 being Petes that were created by PL but perfected by BL and the other being something else we are not willing to disclose just yet, if we do implement these I will be looking at a subsidy program to work on making these cheap for you. Also while we are on the topic of fittings, we are changing the legion fit very soon. Be ready for it, I will be bringing in the module changes for this for free and helping you all switch over easily to the new fit.

2: It is with a heavy heart that I am to announce that 2 corps are leaving us. Both 5TOP and BRASA are both leaving to try out wormholes, I am not going to lie to you and attempt to spin this. The timing sucks and I wish they were not leaving and they will be sorely lost, along with this in the public opinion this will look like we are falling apart. However I wish both of them the best and both have expressed the want to come back if they get bored with living in wormholes.

The coming sov changes.

No matter what happens in delve we will be aiming to get fully involved in the coming sov changes both as a sov holder and defender. To make this happen I will need you guys in the future to help me work with fozzie on the sov competition if we are chosen to do so, this will give us a chance to try out and work out how the new sov will work and what it means to us.

In summary.

All I can say in summary is thank you, thank you to all of you that have shown up to fleets, thank you to those who are in all the teams in the alliance helping this alliance run. It has been nearly a year since I took over the alliance and what a year it has been so far. I look forward to what the future brings no matter where we live.