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BRAVE throws in the towel and evacuates Catch

April 1, 2015

Since the HERO State of the Coalition things have been moving fast in Catch, while the deployment of the BRAVE horde to Sahkt has been slow, the carnage has already been escalating with over 450 ships destroyed in system in the last 24 hours.

After over 6 months of constant back and forth warfare with Pandemic Legion it appears that BRAVE’s will has finally started to crack. Arik Alabel, BRAVE’s long standing Military Director stepped down stating:

Arik-Alabel“…I need to take a hiatus/take leave from my current role as mildir. Watching as my father fights with his diagnosis of ALS, combined with months of dealing with PL’s bullshit, I have decided can no longer effectively balance real life, eve, and other responsibilities. As a result, I cannot perform to the level required nor enjoy it – this is a decision made on my own and no one has asked me to step aside. Brave is a wonderful place, and I’m not leaving it, simply stepping aside so that FC’s can be directed with continued purpose, providing line members with fun fleets. I may return or we may transition to a new mildir.”

As a serving member of the BRAVE Collective, I am sure all of us in the community of Eve Online wish him well at what is clearly a difficult time.

In his stead Anna niedostepny steps into his place as acting Military Director until a suitable candidate for replacement can be found. Anna stated in an alliance wide mail yesterday.

91027479_1024“I would like to publicly thank Arik for all he has done as BRAVE’s MilDir. He has been doing a hard job for a long time.

Now to work, As acting MilDir I will be meeting with Lychton and all the FCs in Brave about our overall strategy, new doctrines, SRP programs with the goal of increasing fun fleets.

FCs will be running fleets with the goal of helping you guys with the move to Sakht, general defence and fun fleets that shoot things!”

While the deployment is continuing to Sakht, things haven’t been going so well in Catch. In the early hours of this morning, BRAVE and HERO’S most central system GE-8JV was captured. Control of both the system and its station passed to Pandemic Legion with little to no resistance. The evacuee relocation station, HED-GP, also came under attack and is due to come out of its armour reinforcement timer today.

Against All Authorities [-A-] have also taken this opportunity to invade the region, already claiming the systems of 3-OKDA and 3GD6-8 over the last three days. They are undoubtedly spurred on by recent events to retake what has always been seen them as their ‘home lands’. -A- held Catch and dominated the areas around the region from 2008-2012, until they were removed by the newly formed N3 coalition in December 2012. Interestingly, the N3 invasion was lead by Nulli Secunda as payback for -A-‘s lackluster defense of Nulli’s home in the Delve “Thunderdome.” This marks -A- first appearance in the region since the loss of the Halloween war.

But the bad news doesn’t stop there, the systems of BUZ-DB and MY-W1V have also been put into reinforced and are due to come out in the next day.

Not long after these events Anna issued another statement which essentially announced a full evac.

I’ll be honest guys, we’re in a bad spot.  WE need help getting our stuff out and we need to win the next timer.  Scratch that, we WILL win the next timer. In order to do this i will list the priorities of what we need to do.

  1. Get everything out of hed-gp beside 1 tengu/eagle/scimi or any ship you can reship into while the battle rages!
  2. Help the FCs with HED- GP defence fleets 24/7 so that JFs pilots can evac our stuff.
  3. Be online 23:00 wednesday eve time for the fleet! This will be one of our last stands in catch! Lets give them hell!
  4. After this battle get ready to have our vacation of getting paid and 3rd party fights!

No retreat. No surrender. Until the last transport ship gets away.Get psyched!

It appears that, after a year in Catch, BRAVE’s first, (but certainly not last) venture into the world of nullsec sovereignty is coming to an end.