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Breaking News: CFC invade Delve!

March 25, 2015

Earlier this evening a ping was sent out from The Mittani‘s CFC jabber client known as ‘directorbot’, the ping reads:

directorbot: I’m back from Fanfest and I’m FUCKING BORED – this ‘invasion’ we faced last week was the most laughably, pathetically weak attempt at our shit in years, and that says something. For too long we’ve been dealing with our foes thinking they can assault us and get away with these ‘fake invasions’ for funsies.
It’s almost April. It’s ~that season~. Who’s up for a bit of bloody-handed, oldschool reprisal? Get your face-stomping boots on boys. We’re not going to ~take space~ but we might make some ‘freeports’ or just give shit to Pizza, whatever. I have literally no idea except this urge to twist the knife and we’re going to do exactly that.

~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2015-03-25 16:35:52.410841 EVE ~~~


Blawrf Mctaggart (A senior FC in GSF) later added to The Mittani’s initial message via another ping, that ping read:

directorbot: I am sorry to lie to you, dear members of the CFC, but our flimsy facade of “Fountain Core hold moons, honestly, I promise you but please don’t check Fountain core for moons” had to hold until we had the last bits in place for #Delve2015 #DelveDeeper
Yes, we are invading Delve this evening. Hostiles, in a fit of unjustified paranoia, have already self-reinforced ZXB – so we’re going to take it a step further and burn the rest of their shit.
Be here at 1800, in fifty six minutes, for multi-fleet formup. Supercapitals & capitals will pay attention to broadcasts.
~~~ This was a broadcast from blawrf_mctaggart to all at 2015-03-25 17:06:42.734497 EVE ~~~


For the past few weeks Northern Coalition., DARKNESS., The Kadeshi and Black Legion. have been waging a campaign in Fountain that yielded very poor results.

The lack of activity in this war was a result of CFC fielding 900+ to defend objectives and not sending out fleets outside of timers which lead to both sides growing bitter over the lack of content and the overabundance of ‘blueballs’. It seems the CFC have decided to rectify the situation by exploiting a fatal flaw in N3’s new spreadout defence policy; by attacking one point in full force. With Triumvirate. busy in Etherium Reach, Pizza in Delve, Black Legion in fountain and MOA being well … MOA, CFC have a distinct lack of enemies poking at their soverignty back home which has allowed them to deploy full force to Fountain with few repercussions. N3 on the other hand has had to split their coalition into 3 in an attempt to hold the south-east against The Initiative./Dream Fleet/Red Alliance, the south from a resurgent Stainwagon Coalition and the west from CFC incursion forces such as The Reavers. With the full force of the CFC bearing down on Delve it seems unlikely that the N3 forces stationed there will be able to defend the region.

Either N3 will relocate alliances like Nulli Secunda and Gentlemen’s Club away from stopping the Russians in the South/South-East in order to defend Delve/Querious/Period Basis or N3 will be forced to part ways with the richest part of their empire, temporarily at least. However CFC also cannot hope to hold Delve/the South-West long term either, this is why Mittani eluded to freeporting the region in his ping, whether he does or so not we can be sure that Delve is about to become very bloody.