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CCP: Flight Academy Video Series

February 4, 2015

CCP is taking new players seriously by ramping up efforts to introduce them to the game in comprehensible ways. Along those lines, new videos called Flight Academy are being produced: High quality explanations of various aspects of the game.

The new CCP related youtube channel called, EVE: FLIGHT ACADEMY will house these videos. Future videos will illustrate different sections of the game, from scanning, to mining, to pvp: All in very general terms so that anyone can grasp the concepts, even non-EVE players.

CCP Seagull often cites EVE as a landscape where “players should out-play each other”, rather than veterans winning by insulating themselves behind the vague complexity of mechanics. The elimination of “bad complexity” in favor of good complexity (more ways to compete) has been a driving philosophy at CCP for a few years now, and has lead to such improvements as the industry overhaul (changing a point system to a percentage system), and numerous “little things” improvements. Slated to come are revamps of the fitting screen as well as the corporation controls.

In addition to the reduction in unnecessary complexity, this new movement is to educate new players. This punctuates the overall movement of EVE’s community to a mindset of helping new players acclimate. The community itself has sprung into action through various new player retention efforts: The Magic Schoolbus, The Angel Project, and various others. Other instructional attempts have been made in the past by EVE Uni, Agony Empire, and more recently Crossing Zebras. CCP is considering ways to pass along the tools to create and share videos to the mentoring class player base.

CCP is recapturing core functionality in and out of the game, in an attempt to make the core gameplay whole. EVE has languished over the years from players having to go outside of EVE to play it competitively, giving those in the “know” a huge advantage over newer players that didn’t know where to go to improve.