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Leak: NCDOT Alliance Update

January 8, 2015

Everyone feeling fat from eating turkey and drinking beer and wine I hope during the festive period you all took time out from eve and had a little well deserved break. Over the next five days you need to take this time to make yourself some ISK to cover some ships we are going to make you buy in another part of space.

Where should my shit be? – F2OY
Did we add any new fleet comps? – Yes the Raven buy one
Should we of sold any ships? – Yes the Foxcat (Apoc)
Where should my SC or Titan be? – Duh F2OY Unless your in the special snow flake group and you know where you should be!

Ok you told us everything we already know ….. What now?

Within a week we are going to be doing a deployment away from Querious and away from our blues in Delve to where is TBD due to waiting on various other groups movements. We have an objective and a number of goals for were we want to move. IT should also provide us with content around the clock! Its very possible we will be working with people who are currently not blue to us we will see. When we move as mentioned above you will be going with your inty and your wallet that’s IT we will provide you with one of the ships you will require in deployment land at a discounted rate! You will be required to have the following in the new location which will be on contract when you arrive!


If you are someone who provides bonus in fleets id like you to bring them characters with you. I will remind everyone now this is going to be a full operational deployment OUT of Querious anyone found there after we leave im going to have you purged for being a blood sucking piece of shit. That means bring your alts we will still need cynos and shit we will still need people to help FCs. Don’t be that guy I get made an example of for being a fucking jew.

Things you should have:

Everyone in NC. is required to have both a Dreadnaught and a Carrier they should be located in Querious

Everyone in NC. should be working towards owning a SC or a Titan and current pilots who own them should NOT be selling them regardless of what you think to changes CCP make! They are a SUPER important part of this game more so now than ever! You are not allowed to sell SCs and Titans outside of NC. PERIOD anyone found doing so will pay a tax for doing so which will be used to help other members get into Titans and SCs. (No this isn’t a joke)

IT Services

Everyone should now be on IRC and should have the channel “northern_coalition” open at all times. Don’t expect to know what’s going on if you are not in that channel as the MOTD will be used to give you information and links to op posts going forward! On the 15th of January Jabber will go down for good and it wont be coming back on you all need to now add ALL your characters to your account on http;//core.ncdot.co.uk any characters that don’t have APIs at the end of January your leadership is going to be forced to kick them! GET IT DONE.

Ops will be posted within the next week we will give you more than enough notice and make sure there is enough ops posted to help you get to our new home for a while! In the meantime you need ISK for the Above 3 ships you will require