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EVENT: Santa Spirit event tonight! Compete for presents!

December 14, 2014

EvEnt system: Ghesis II – Inherent Implants Biotech Production

I hope to see you all there


NEWS FLASH: CCP is donating 20 Plex, and 10 pirate faction Rookie ship codes to the EvEnt.

“we now return you to the normal post”

greetings all,
I realize that it’s only 6 weeks away, but, on Dec 14th, 2014, I will host the third annual Christmas giveaway event in a solar system to be announced at a later date.

the first event was posted HERE in 2012 and the second was posted HERE in 2013
this year looks to be even bigger and better than last year, and to top that off, we have a guest (or maybe more) who will be joining us to participate in spreading the joy, fun and spirit of the holiday season.

The planned events for this year are:
(in no particular order)

1. The annual Rookieship brawl where 5 pilots from each race battle it out in a “Last Pilot Standing” battle to claim the title of BEST PILOT, the glory for their race, and the prize of a PLEX.

Signup Instructions here!

Signups for the rookieship brawl are full.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar (spaces will be inserted when the names are posted)
1. Grolan Knight 1. Mister soldier 1. Comodore John 1. Epoch Veli
2. Beryl Markam 2. Othello Hakaari 2. Catharian Rebillot 2. John Rambonator
3. Anolin Enor 3. Rex Blayzer 3. Thomas Lear 3. Qapla Orion
4. Aryziva Ozran 4. Daravel 4. Ensign Lyon 4. Agemnia Auhman
5. Amak Boma 5. Jordon Miles 5. Tem Aideron 5. Revileushin Eyri

Amarr alt 1. BlackIce00
Amarr alt 2. Ghanar Drraba
Caldari alt 1.Thagroshe Katelo
Caldari alt 2. Le Chourineur
Gallente alt 1. KingLord Echerie
Gallente alt 2. Argus Truesight
Minmatar alt 1. Alsaro Hekard
Minmatar alt 2. Aletheia Neo

2. The “Ship Scramble” where pilots will be given “some” warning to be ready and one of my helpers will leave (or jettison) a fully fit ship out in space generally within sight of the station (but not warp to range) and pilots will scramble to be the first one into the ship to claim it. this event will be repeated throughout the event based on the number of people who show up in the system and the number of fitted ships we have that evening.

3. A “Can Hunt” where some pilots can put their scanning skills to good use to locate a can in space that will contain a prize.

4. Cansplosion!!!!! I’ll left you folks guess about this one *wink*. Hint: you don’t blow up the cans

5. Frigate races for a prize… (self explanatory I hope)

Giveaways in station, giveaways in local, conga lines, EvE trivia and more are all awaiting this year’s attendees.

Each year, my main and his corp have provided items for this event, and each year the event has been made more than what it would have been by those of you who have donated to the cause, so, this year, if anyone would like to donate items, ships, or even iskies toward the event, please feel free to send or contract them to me.

As was the rule last year, please make sure that the item is in .5 or higher security systems (not high sec islands please) and the folks who have offered to haul them to the event site for me will do so.
as always, I have no intention of keeping items or isks for myself and should the case arise where there are extra things, they will carry over to the following year’s event.

That is all for now.

o/ everyone and Fly safe.


(link to forum thread)