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Mistakes were made: At last, #justiceforrayonar

November 28, 2014

So it would seem even the great spy master himself is prone to making mistakes. Coming off one of the worst press situations ever for the CFC they have had to admit now they were, in fact, wrong. As everyone by now should know they killed their titan, purged the pilot and blacklisted him. This bizarre chain of events prompted not only his statement of resignation from EVE, but a massive backlash and public outcry over the treatment of a hardworking, dedicated member.

Raynor had been a member of Space Monkey Alliance [SMA] for four years; he was a leader and their capital FC. None of this stood for anything when so called evidence was released that apparently pointed towards him being a newly defected Black legion spy. The CFC higher ups were unable to release any solid evidence stating that it would undermine their security. An article was posted on GoonSwarm Federation’s news website where a fellow SMA member brutally outed Raynor saying how he was a spy and was killed as one. However, again stating that he could not release the evidence, the article in question at the time of writing remains live on their website and no retractation has been issued.

Now we get on to the part where the CFC and The Mittani have had no choice but to come out and admit their mistake, having no solid evidence to present, and growing public condemnation. Their statement is that a well-timed new defector has confirmed to them that Raynor was not a spy, even though they stated that they had solid evidence to back their actions. To think that four years of dedicated service was not enough to save a man while a single ‘defectors’ statement is, is rather sad. The CFC have stated that they will be replacing Raynors titan and reinstating him, although it’s hard to believe that something like this will be easy to move past.

Below you can see the ping sent out to the CFC from The Mittani.

(7:27:33 PM) directorbot:


When we fuck up, we make it good. Within this last hour a new defector has confirmed that Rayonar was, in fact, innocent. While the evidence we had two days ago made him appear unassailably guilty, this new information has completely exonerated him. We have apologized to him as well as SMA leadership and are transferring him a new Avatar, and welcome him back with open arms.

We don’t like ratfucking one of our own based on bad intel. The metagame is ugly and shit happens; in this case we could have tried to be ~prideful~ and act like he was guilty, cover it over, and hope it went away. But he’s an innocent man, a loyal fleet commander, and a good dude, and it’s on us to make things right – so: formal apologies, his position restored, and making him whole with a new Titan – even after I just wrote a war update insisting that we’d be proven right, we’ve now been proven wrong, and it’s best to own up cleanly.

The real story of the burn was that one of our command-level agents heard a BL leader say “shit, one of our agents burned himself on comms” the moment after Rayonar keyed up mistakenly from his Logi. This had nothing to do with IP data, Digi hiding in bushes, or the like. We now know that there was another BL agent online at the time and that the BL leader mistakenly thought that agent had burned himself when Rayonar keyed up, and now we have the evidence to prove this theory.

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