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Examining the current State Of The CFC

November 27, 2014

Currently the CFC find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They are attempting to hold their sovereignty on two fronts in a way that is just not feasible post-Phoebe, and they are suffering for it.

When they first deployed to QPO, they stated their intentions to wipe out Black legion and gain ‘vengeance’. Unfortunately, a day later N3 pushed into Fountain and reinforced Y-2. The CFC having moved their entire capital force out of any possible range of Y-2 now faced the problem of having to defend a system 40 jumps away.

When the first timer came out, they made their way slowly burning a 700+ man Tengu fleet the 40 jumps setting up in the system an hour before the timer came out. They waited and waited only for N3 to not show up at all. So they repped the iHub and made their way slowly home, writing the 4-hour op off as a simple move op, moving jump clones and Tengus into Fountain.

Since then N3 have reinforced Y-2 again, and there have been several skirmishes over the system. N3 have now moved their super capital capitals into range, and the system is busy running down its final iHub timer. To add to that, N3 have SBU’ed other systems and even put some of them into reinforce. N3 have dropped a large amount of TCU’s in LGB, claiming their first system in Fountain.

The CFC are looking at arguably some of the worst press they have ever had coming of an incident where they deliberately killed one of their own titan and black listed the pilot. This all seems to be a hasty decision made on bad intel, as none of the CFC are willing to release any form of evidence stating “Basically, the reason is because everything that wasn’t witness testimony or circumstantial evidence was pulled directly from our IT services, and showing you that shit would be a gigantic vulnerability. “. This refusal to show any evidence, and the fact that evidence has been presented to counter their case has left them with egg on their face. To the outside world they seem heartless, killing a member of Space Monkey Alliance, who was their capital leader as well as a member for four years. He has since stated that he will be leaving the game having lost his titan and all the time he invested into SMA and CFC.

As for their campaign against Black legion, they have seen almost no gain at all. Because they are making the 40 jumps to Fountain every day, Black legion have been left with plenty of time to recapture any lost moons. Any attempts at hell camping K3J have been short lived with Black legion perfectly happy to undock and brawl. They seem at a loss as to what the can do when the sov of a system can not be taken. The CFC are touting their holding of MTO as a victory. While in truth the only reason Black legion have made attempts at it is because they have had so much free time while the CFC are distracted in Fountain.

Another thorn in the CFC’s side is the recent announcement that Triumvirate will be pushing to take CFC sov in Vale Of The Silent. This will add a third front that will need to be defended. If the current technique of movingĀ  their entire force to the engagement continues then they will have to move huge distances every day.

The CFC seems to be in a tight spot at the moment. The current frequency of alliance updates says a lot for their situation as the leadership need to keep the member base calm and stop them from losing faith. How they deal with the attack on three fronts will be very interesting.