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Submission: VENGEANCE IN VENAL – Black Legion vs CFC

November 23, 2014

Day 4 of Goonswarm’s Vengeance campaign against Black Legion kicked off with a bang as the two opposing sides clashed in Tengus in the system of 8CIX-S.

Both sides fielded large Tengu fleets, with Black Legion bringing slightly more of the now-ubiquitous ships while the CFC supported theirs with triage Chimeras and a moderate-sized “Boot” fleet of Archons. The battle itself was over two “money” moons in the 8CIX system, one belonging to Black Legion and another to Out-of-Sight, a Russian alliance living in Venal who are allied with BL.

The fight began with Black Legion arriving in 8CIX ahead of the CFC, and setting up on the single gate into the system to force the opposing fleet to jump in to engage. After several tense minutes of waiting, CFC forces piled into system, spearheaded by a force of approximately 20 carriers. Owing to having arrived in-system first, Black Legion set up to range-kite the enemy fleets and succeeded in killing most of the CFC’s support ships almost immediately while range-kiting their opponents. Unable to effectively engage, the CFC Tengu fleet was forced to withdraw from the field and warp back in at closer range. This respite allowed Black Legion to destroy one of the Chimera triage carriers before the CFC Tengu fleet re-appeared on grid, landing almost on top of the Black Legion fleet.

With the two fleets now all-in and engaged in brawling range, the DPS race was on: the CFC fleet primaried Black Legion’s logistics while Black Legion began downing the CFC’s triage Chimeras before the decision was made to begin destroying tackle in preparation for a withdrawl. With most of their Scimitars dead, and the CFC fleet still having several dozen of their own, Black Legion was forced to extricate.

As the dust settled, CFC forces appeared to have lost 3 carriers, most of their support ships and a handful of Scimitars, as well as a token Circle-of-Two Ahac fleet; Black Legion lost approximately 25 Scimitars and a small handful of Tengus who were unable to escape tackle when the fleet warped.

With the battle won, the CFC’s capital forces cleaned up the two POSes in-system, and both sides made their way home.

Video of the fight from BL perspective:

Battle Report

 – Zverofaust