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N3 vs. CFC: Clash In Y-2ANO

November 21, 2014

In the wake of the recent Phoebe changes and the shift of N3 alliances like The Kadeshi, DARKNESS., and Northern Coalition. to the Delve, Querious and Period Basis regions, the stage has been set for brawls between the two largest power blocs in EvE. N3 Coalition, spread relatively thinly across the galaxy, have only a few alliances in the local Delve area but that didn’t stop them from deciding to launch an attack on the bordering Fountain entry point from Delve, the system of Y-2ANO, which is held by members of the CFC.

In the wake of the most recent Goonswarm CFC update, The Mittani vowed to fight both Black Legion. and the scattered Venal residents that support them, while also operating in and defending the southern front of the CFC’s empire by assisting those that live in Fountain itself. Alliances like Fatal Ascension, Forged of Fire and Get Off My Lawn have been tasked with defending the area until support arrives from the CFC, split as they are between the two fronts.

The days following the GSF CEO update have been marked by only gradual shifting from both sides; SBUs from NCdot went up in Y-2ANO only to be ripped down by a 750 man CFC force that was pulled away from camping the Black Legion. Venal home system of K3JR-J. While NCdot blue balled the seven hundred man fleet, CFC forces finished removing the SBU’s and proceeded to travel forty jumps back to their staging system while NCdot and others anchored new SBUs, reinforcing the system and followed shortly thereafter by the station itself when they pushed it into the initial reinforcement timer. BL. also used their time wisely by¬†attacking a number of SBU’s and towers in the CFC’s northern regions.

November 20th rolled around, the new SBU’s were up, the station reinforced, and a Fatal Ascension/LAWN fleet was forming to remove the SBUs and repair the station once it came out of reinforcement. The FA/LAWN fleet formed rail Tengus with a few token Eagles, recons and Scimitars. Fighter assisting carriers were perched on the undock of the station. While forming, an NCdot rail Proteus fleet under the command of Minas93 began to coalesce and move northwards in order to contest the timer, with Minas himself in a Proteus built to hold down the opposition.

Upon jumping into the system, the NCdot forces engaged the CFC fleet with relatively even numbers across both entities. NCdot fleet forces began to work primarily on downing the damage dealing Tengus, breaking the few reps of the FA/LAWN fleet, while the CFC pilots worked on cutting through the NCdot logi wing attached to their fleet. Fighters were assisted to the CFC forces on field but despite this, the CFC Tengu fleet began to hemorrhage damage and numbers to the NCdot forces. Electing to extract their ships, the survivors from LAWN and FA pulled out and conceded the grid to the NCdot fleet before docking their¬†carriers up. NCdot having secured the field, moved onto the station grid and began to chew into the armor of the station, putting it into it’s final reinforcement timer. This is the first CFC system to be put in such a precarious situation in the post-Phoebe Eve landscape.

When asked for comments, Minas93, NCdot FC for the fight had this to say about the fight against the CFC;

[22:27:35] Minas93 > Coward tengus are not safe anymore 8)

The battle report for the Y-2ANO fight can be found here.

November 21st

Friday rolled around, and with it the Y-2ANO final infrastructure hub timer. Northern Coalition. formed up a selection of Foxcats, while The Kadeshi and DARKNESS. formed up Legions with a backbone of Oneiros support. CFC in the meantime, formed up a large and impressive four hundred man force, mostly in Tengus but also with a Celestis ‘Fuck You’ Fleet mobilized behind them to provide damps and EWAR to disrupt the enemy fleet’s logistics. CFC were also forming almost a dozen capitals from the local Fountain residents of Forged of Fire and LAWN.

While NCdot forces engaged the CFC Tengus they quickly realized that they were not holding reps under the immense amount of alpha that they produced and found they were losing ships at an alarming rate. As the CFC Tengus worked on disabling and destroying the logistical and repair abilities of the NCdot fleet, NCdot elected to drop triage Archons into Y-2ANO in order to provide support and reps for their Foxcats. Yet, when the Archons were finally moved into position, the CFC cap fleet mobilized and landed on top of the NCdot triage Archons and opened up on them with fury. With their triage dying rapid deaths to the withering fire from the remainder of the CFC Tengu fleet and the dreads that they had brought in, NCdot began to move back and pull out of the system, unable to contest the IHUB reinforcement timers.

The Y-2ANO station has yet to come out of reinforcement.

The battle report for the second Y-2ANO fight can be found here.