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Nulli Secunda + BL & Friends Vs The CFC, AU TZ Throw Down

October 22, 2014

Just before down time on Tuesday a large brawl took place with Nulli Secunda and Black Legion up against the CFC. The fight was over a CFC POS that was coming out of reinforcement. At around 10:15 Eve time a Cerberus fleet went up under Progodlegend growing to about 90 pilots. The CFC formed a fleet of around 100 Tengus, with 80 Harpies in support.

The Cerberus fleet bridged into 6-4V20 where the POS was situated at about 10:50. The CFC had already set up both their fleets on the POS as well as a small carrier fleet on the POS edge waiting to rep it once it came out of its reinforcement timer.

The Cerberus fleet spent about 5 minutes killing tackle but unable to break the tankier Tengus, before deciding to bring in Dreads in an attempt to kill the repping carriers. Elo Knight then hopped on to team speak and began coordinating the Dread fleet back in Tartoken. With about 5 minutes to go before down time, the Nulli Secunda and BL dreads cyno’ed in and began killing carriers. As if expecting this, the CFC jumped in their own Dread fleet along with two Titans.

The fight then turned into a very quick cap brawl as both sides tried to kill as many capitals as they cool before down time. The server then went down, and both sides had a short break. Once the servers were back up both sides rushed to log back in, but the Nulli Secunda and BL dreads were told to remain logged off.

The brawl resumed after down time with the CFC quickly extracting their Titans before they could be bubbled while the Nulli Secunda and BL Cerberus fleet continuing to alpha harpies, but again were unable to break Tengus. Progodlegend then called for three triage chimeras to enter, in an attempt to keep the Cerbs alive longer. The CFC then cyno’ed in more dreads and made quick work of the triage carriers. Progodlegend then decided to extract the Cerberus fleet as they were clearly outnumbered and outgunned.

The outcome was very even With Nulli Secunda and BL killing 31 Billion Isk and losing 33 Billion. The capital battle saw both sides lose 4 Dreadnoughts while the CFC lost slightly more carriers, losing 6 and killing 4. The CFC can claim victory as they had the edge in the Isk war, as well as were able to save their POS.

A short video of the fight from the CFC prospective