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Thoughts on Clockwork Pineapple’s alleged RMT Operation

October 16, 2014

Disclaimer: This story has recently posted. Therefore, details are still unknown. EN24 does not support this sort of activities within EVE Online and hence we decided to make this article.

A active user of the Failheap-challenge forums, Duckslayer has opened a new can of worms, outing Clockwork Pineapple for a possible RMT Operations.

Clockwork Pineapple is an alliance living in Syndicate and being one with a success history in the Alliance Tournament. According to the “leak”, it seems that this alliance has become tainted by an ongoing RMT operation.

Duckslayer created a thread with screenshots in which he describes the alleged operation in detail. It appears to have been created by a Clockwork Pineapple forum user calling him/herself ”A Rose Pedalar”. This member appears to make his money through botting with 11 Tengu Characters, saying that he makes between 50 to 200bil a month depending on activity.

The Boast

A Rose Pedalar, Posted his “performance” on the Clockwork internal forums

We need to mention that CCP Games has been very strict on botting and especially RMTing. There for they have implemented many tools to detect possible operations. To cover him/herself from possible word detection he used code-wording, for example “1 billion isk” would be “1 Rose”, “2bil would be 2 roses”. These roses went at USD $20 a pop.

The story continues and implies that Rose Pedalar felt so comfortable within his alliance that he made a forum post. This resulted in him becoming a “Rose Shop” where alliance members and maybe even external visitors could buy isk.

The forum post

Looking at the first Picture, you can see that in the last three years he made around 12.300 US dollars. On the 5th of February he seemed to be done with eve, selling all of his assets for isk that he then sold to his alliance for 15$ Flat.

A Rose Pedalar seemed to be very careful with the amount of exposure he got, and so this makes is very interesting to read! Is there more?

Duckslayer, spent months collecting proof of this operation and has allowed players to download it through the following link (DOWNLOAD AT OWN RISK!)

Following our anti-botting and anti-RMT policy, EN24 has made CCP Security aware of this alleged RMT operation and I’m sure that they will respond accordingly!

We will keep you informed!