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Dev Post: Long Distance Travel Dev Tweaks.

October 9, 2014

CCP Greyscale just posted a few adjustments to the proposed Long Distance Travel nerf, take a look:


Hi everyone,

We’ve collected, parsed and thoroughly discussed your *extensive* feedback on the proposed long-distance travel changes, both in the official thread and elsewhere, consulted with the CSM, and made adjustments accordingly.

Conclusions we have reached through this exercise:

The ease of nullsec logistics permitted by jump freighters and, to a lesser extent, jump bridge networks is not aligned with where we would like nullsec industry to be.

It *is*, however, pretty well aligned with where nullsec industry is right now. As we improve the status quo for industry in nullsec, we will want to reevaluate this balance, along with the impact potential changes would have on logistical work for other areas of the game.

We’re pretty happy with the impact of the proposed changes on the movement of non-covert combat ships, as it relates to both jump drives and jump bridges, for all ranges.

We’re not overly concerned about the battle rorqual; if it starts being used in a widespread fashion, we will nerf it, but we’re not expecting this to happen.

We’re also not overly concerned yet about HG Ascendency capital fleets, since such capital movement would be very vulnerable to disruption and because it relies on very rare items. If this becomes a widespread usage pattern we will likely take action, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on everything surrounding capital movement after Phoebe.

Black ops are working in a generally OK manner on TQ right now, and we want to minimize harm to their use with these changes.
We don’t like repeating decimals.

Therefore, changes we are making to the previously-announced plan:

Jump freighter max range will be bumped up to 10LY, and they will keep the 90% fatigue-distance reduction. This represents a slight range reduction compared to TQ, so some cynos will need to be repositioned, but otherwise leaves them largely alone. Note that, because ranges multiply together for fatigue purposes, one 10LY jump is *substantially* less fatiguing (multiply by 11) than two 5LY jumps (multiply by 36). Rorquals will stay at 5LY/90%

All ships designated as having a “hauling” role in ISIS (ie the following ship groups: Industrial, Blockade Runner, Deep Space Transport, Industrial Command Ship, Freighter) will similarly get a 90% reduction to distance counted for the purpose of fatigue generation. Obviously they can’t jump themselves, but this also applies on use of bridges or portals.

We are adding some additional code to allow us to put a bonus on jump portals that reduces fatigue generation for all ships jumping through that portal. This will be applied to Covert Jump Portals, with a value of around 50% (subject to further tuning). This means that all ships using a black ops portal will generate less fatigue.

We’re going to bump the max range of black ops ships up slightly to 8LY, and likewise give them a ~50% fatigue bonus.

Finally, we’re slightly nerfing JDC5, from 25%/level to 20%/level, and tuning base ranges accordingly. This allows us to give most capital ships a base range of 2.5LY, rather than 2.2r LY, and still hit our max range targets. More work on these skills will probably be done in future, this is just minimum changes necessary to get these changes on TQ so we can see how they play out in practice and establish how comparatively valuable their different bonuses are.

These changes should all be hitting Singularity in the next few days; please give us feedback when they land!


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