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CSM Member Major Silva resigns.

October 9, 2014

Major JSilva, CSM9 delegate just announced his resignation on the EVE-O Forums:

Today, I must announce my resignation from the CSM. Thanks to CCP and anyone who voted for me for giving me this unique opportunity. I also wish the best of luck to my replacement.



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Major JSilva was elected into the Council of Stellar Management while a member of Habitual Euthanasia, a Pandemic Legion corporation, the only PL candidate to make it into the CSM after fleet commander Manfred Sidious retracted his campaign and Gorski Car did not succeed in claiming a seat. JSilva’s resignation comes on the heels of recent political movements in the CSM, with former CFC council member Xander Phoena of the Bastion swapping sides to Sniggwaffe in Pandemic Legion, with Major JSilva himself swapping into Goonswarm Federation less than a day later.

With Major JSilva’s resignation, CCP Games has gone through the votes again and have selected the second Pandemic Legion candidate, Gorski Car, as the replacement representative on the council. This marks the second resignation by a CSM chair member this year, with the first, Matias Otero, stepping down due to real life time management and being replaced by Asayanami Dei, a wormhole candidate.

No reason has currently been given for Major JSilva’s resignation from his CSM spot.