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S2N Abbadon Fleet gets wrecked by CFC

October 6, 2014

Yesterday CFC FC’s received scout reports saying that Black legion & Mordus Angels both in Tengus assisted by an Abaddon fleet of Nulli Secunda were out reinforcing towers. CFC already had a Tengu, Hawk, Baltec fleet and a bomber fleet formed to assist their traige while they were repping up previously reinforced towers.

With the report coming in CFC FC’s spoke with each other and noticed that the Black Legion, Mordus angels and Nulli Secunda were located 5 jumps away in JE-D5U. CFC decided to go in for a fight and ordered their fleets to start moving. With such a group of fleets moving at once, tidi went down to 10%, resulting in the Baltec fleet getting left behind.

Black Legion, Mordus angels and Nulli Secunda noticed that CFC was coming and decided to take the fight, warping all of their fleets to the R6XN-9 gate. With all this positioning going on, Bomberwaffe (the Bomber fleet of the CFC) managed to slip into system and started to prepare for a bombing run on the R6XN-9 gate. After a few minutes, Bomberwaffe was ready to go for a bombing run and started waiting for the perfect moment. By now the CFC fleet had caught up with and started to jump into R6XN-9 and started to warp to the JE-D5U gate. Black legion and Mordus saw this as a perfect moment to jump into R6XN-9 to but Nulli Secunda decided to wait a bit.

A battleship fleet on a gate without support is almost every bomber fc’s dream and so the order was given spring the trap. CFC bombers decloaked and started bombing. According to Nulli Secunda Pilots, they were clicking on the jump button (even before the bombs were launched) but the system wouldn’t respond. With the system not responding and the bombers hitting them perfect the whole, Abaddon fleet got blown into pieces.

There were a few survivors but those quickly burned to a NPC station to get safe. Black Legion and Mordus Angels were now being outnumbered and so they decided to go back to the JE- gate, Jump out, witness the wreckage that the CFC bomber fleet had caused and burned home too.

Will Nulli Secunda, Black legion and Mordus Angels seek revenge for this amazing bombing run? Well lets hope so!

Battle Report