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In Development: Black Legion Blues current N3 Alliances

October 2, 2014

Black Legion. is as of today, blue to a few of the alliances that are part of the N3 Coalition.

To any null-sec politics aficionado, this is a very interesting development. Especially when you realise that its been reported that NCDOT, an old enemy of Black Legion has started sharing colors with them.

Black Legion went as far announce their Alliance meeting that they would be blueing up with ”old friends” so now its a easy guess that he meant the N3 Coalition or at least part of it.

The current N3 alliances that are been set blue by Black Legion are also currently deployed to the same area, which could be a perfect reason for them to buddy up. We will keep an eye on this story for future developments!


Do you think there is more to this story then just flying together? let us know in the comment section below!