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Eve Player wins over 800 billion ISK at IwantIsk.com

September 15, 2014

Yesterday, BuBuKiGeR won a whopping 800 billion isk at IWantIsk.com. I managed to get a hold of BuBuKiGeR, who was kind enough to tell us his story.

Over the last few weeks, Iwantisk.com has seen some amazing figures in terms of people playing. BuBuKiGeR had noticed this too and saw that the jackpot was approaching the insane amount of 800 Billion isk persuading him into to playing and, with his eye on the prize, he decided to deposit an impressive 50 billion isk.

Hours and hours passed with BuBuKiGeR’s wallet dipping to 16 bil. Sad and tired of a whole day of playing without success, he decided to open 5 clients, let them run and go to bed.

The next morning he woke up and with the assumption that he just wasted 50 billion isk he returned to his PC, sat down, looked at his screen, and to his surprise the clients were still running. Strange? He looked at his wallet and….

He did it! He had won the jackpot!

I want to congratulate BuBuKiGeR for winning the jackpot and I would suggest everybody to check out http://iwantisk.com/ for your chance to win!