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Shadow Cartel Down Nulli Titan

September 14, 2014

Old Man Star, a system known for its daily gate camps and the stronghold of Old Man Gang, a long time Caldari Alliance. Anyone who knows anything about Faction Warfare and low sec PvP has at one time or another heard of Old Man Star. It was here that the Erebus titan belonging to Ved Speed was killed yesterday by a Shadow Cartel dread fleet.

In truth while it was Shadow Cartel who provided the fire power needed to melt said titan, it was the lesser know corporation Soul Takers who in fact managed to nab it. According to Algon, of Soul Takers the Erebus had just bridged out a fleet who he admits was too big for them to engage, however after bridging out the fleet the titan was left vulnerable sitting on the edge of the POS shields, Soul Takers decided to undock 100MN microwarp drive fit Tornados and attempt the bump. They were ecstatic to find that in fact their plan had worked and Ved’s Titan slowly drifted out of the POS completely.

Once the titan was out of the POS Soul Takers wasted no time getting it pointed by heavy interdictors, but they soon realised that while they had now captured Ved’s Erebus they did not have enough punch to kill it. Enter Shadow Cartel, who Soul Takers decided to contact letting them know that they had a juicy kill all set up and waiting for them. Soul Takers lit they cyno and in came a fleet of Shadow Cartel dreads, who made quick work of the cap fit titan.

(Zkillboard link)

When asked to comment, both Shadow Cartel and Soul Takers where thankful for each others assistance in making the kill happen. Ved Speed was not reachable for comment at the time of writing.

Thank you to Algon, of Soul Takers for providing details on the kill and the images of before and after the kill.