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EVE Online Hyperion Patch Notes, we got them right here.

August 26, 2014

Riverini’s note: Here are the patch notes for the EVE Online Hyperion Release, if you didn’t put in a long skill training, then you haven’t been playing EVE Online long enough.

Patch notes for Hyperion

Patch notes for Hyperion 1.0
To be released on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014




  • The six-digit scan ID ("ABC-123") for cosmic signatures/anomalies will now be consistent across server downtimes.
  • A number of changes and improvements have been made to Wormholes and W-Space. All the details can be found in this dev blog.
  • The wormhole changes include:

    • Wormhole effect rebalance
    • A second static for Class 4 wormholes
    • More randomly spawning wormholes
    • Mass-based spawn distance after wormhole jumps
    • K162 appearance only on first jump (or after first warp and less than 15 hours of lifetime remaining)
    • Loosening of bookmark copying restrictions
    • Ensuring that scan signatures stay consistent over downtime


  • Continuation of the renovation project: updated content for a large selection of environmental objects and scenery assets.


  • Tooltips have been added to the market interface and the top-level market groups.
  • A new top-level category, Pilot's Services, has been added. In this category you will find various services that are sold via the New Eden Store such as character resculpt and multiple character training.
  • The Pilot's License Extensions (PLEX) have been moved to the Pilot's Services category.


  • You can now activate your Pilot's License Extension (PLEX) to donate 30 days of game time to the account of any other character.

Missions & NPCs

  • Incursion Scout sites have been rebalanced to be more in line with the risk vs reward of the other Incursion sites. Sansha presence has been increased within them and they now pay out 3,500,000 ISK and 400 LP.
  • Drone Nexus chips that can be traded for Sisters of Eve ship BPCs now drop more frequently from Sentient Rogue Drones
  • Mordu's Legion Special Warfare Unit NPCs will now appear more often in low-security asteroid belts.
  • A new type of level 4 security mission can now be received from all standard level 4 security agents in all areas of space. All the information on these Burner Missions can be found in this dev blog.

    • Burner Missions are completely optional, and no player will ever receive standings penalties for declining or failing them.
    • Burner Missions can only be completed in Frigate sized ships.
    • Burner Missions pit players against a single extremely difficult frigate NPC. Players are advised to exercise caution when attempting these missions and to only fly what they can afford to lose.

New Eden Store

  • A new category has been added to the New Eden Store called "Services" and there you will find two new items available for sale:

    • Pilot's Body Resculpt Certificate can be consumed to enable a one-time full recustomization of your character including facial features and body shape.
    • Multiple Pilot Training Certificate is used similar to a PLEX except it can only be used to enable and extend additional skill training queues on your account.
    • Both items can be traded on the market (can be found under the Pilot's Services category).
    • In order to use one of these items it must be located in your station hangar, then you can activate it either via the right-click menu or by double-clicking the item (note that the item can be used remotely, even while you're undocked).

Science & Industry

  • Creating new Planetary Interaction colonies in 0.0 no longer requires you to be a member of the sovereignty holding alliance

Ships and Modules

  • The following adjustments have been made to the Nestor battleship:

    • Mass: 20,000,000 (-36,000,000)
    • Inertia: 0.35 (+0.17)
    • Velocity: 70 (-22)
    • Magnetometric Sensor Strength: 30 (+6)
    • Signature Radius: 420 (-45)
    • The Nestor now contains a Ship Maintenance Bay with a volume of 5,000m3
  • The following adjustments have been made to the Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser:

    • The bonus to sentry drone tracking and optimal range reduced from 7.5% per level -> 5% per level.
    • The maximum velocity has been reduced from 195 to 185.
  • The following adjustments have been made to the Eagle Heavy Assault Cruiser:

    • The maximum velocity has been increased from 180 to 190.
  • The following adjustments have been made to the Muninn Heavy Assault Cruiser:

    • The maximum velocity has been increased from 210 to 230.
  • The cargo capacities of several Heavy Assault Cruisers have been increased.
  • The capacitor requirements of 100mn microwarpdrive modules have been reduced by 50%.
  • New Jump Drive Economizer modules have been added.

    • These modules decrease the fuel use of jump drives, and can only be fit to Jump Freighters and Rorquals.
    • Blueprints for the Jump Drive Economizer modules can be obtained through Besieged Ghost Sites in low-security space.

Structures & Deployables

  • The build material requirements for Mobile Siphon Units have been slightly reduced.

    • Guidance System required: 89 (-22)
    • Miniature Electronics required: 100 (-11)
    • Data Chips required: 11 (-2)

User Interface

  • The 'New Location' window will now remember its position between instances, instead of always defaulting to the center of the screen.
  • The speed at which players can copy bookmark locations has been increased, and the throttling limits have been lowered.
  • Overview profiles can now be shared in game by dragging and dropping an icon from the overview settings window into chat or EVEmail. These links can also be stored in notepad. Note that only saved tab presets can be shared.
  • Added a counter to the bottom of the fleet composition window.
  • Added a timer to the top left corner of the client for booster effects.




  • Fixed a missing sound on the warp gates.


  • Inventory access to starbase structures was incorrectly denied if the player's ship was within range of the control tower (but not the structure itself) and the tower did not have an active forcefield. The structure should now be correctly accessible if the ship is within the area where the forcefield would be, even when the forcefield is not present.
  • Occasionally a static dungeon (such as an Ice Belt or a Sov-upgrade site) would not re-spawn correctly on server startup, and remain missing until after the next downtime. This should now be fixed and all sites should be available according to normal respawn timers.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Expel Member' corporation votes, where a corp member would sometimes be missing from the list of available candidates for removal if he owned slightly more shares than the average shareholder. The intended behavior is that a character holding more than the average shareholder (excluding any shares owned by the corp itself) can only be expelled via a vote. Characters with less shares can be kicked normally.
  • Replaced Scout Drones certificate with Medium Drones certificate on the Sacrilege.
  • Blockade Runners can now access the 'Angel Base' dungeon.
  • Stealth Bombers can now access the 'Knife in the Throat' mission dungeon.
  • Industrial Command Ships can now access the 'Angel Cartel Occupied Mining Colony' dungeon.
  • Microwarp drives can now be used inside the 'Guristas Guerilla Grounds' dungeon.
  • An issue where the Bounty Office service was disabled if the Reprocessing Plant service was damaged has been fixed.
  • An issue where multiple anomalies could spawn within the same grid has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing fleet members from warping at range to each other, using the radial menu while on the same grid.
  • Fixed an issue preventing corporation bills from being pasted into chat.
  • Fixed the 'All' overview default tab preset.
  • Fixed some stats on the Mackinaw ORE Edition.
  • The Prospect Expedition Frigate now leaves behind a wreck when destroyed.


  • The inventory icon for Women's Rocket dress (green) has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented tights from being visible in previews.


  • Various layout fixes for Russian client.


  • Separated Warp Scramblers, Warp Disruptors, and Interdiction Sphere Launchers into their own market groups.


  • Fixed an issue with Twitch passwords containing £<>¬

User Interface

  • Fixed issue where it would be hard or impossible to set the standings from corporation or alliance to a corporation if the name was long enough to wrap to the next line.
  • Fixed issue where expanding calendar events into its own window would fail to load all events.
  • Fixed show info issue with formatting of mass for ships. Removed mass from the show info attributes for several item classes where mass has no relevance.
  • Changed wording for warning when marked order are modified to rapidly due to capitalization issues.
  • Fixed an issue preventing tutorial links from functioning in chat.
  • Multiple minor text issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing autocomplete and right click paste from functioning in the destination search box.
  • Fixed an issue which caused text to sometimes go outside the overview settings window.
  • Fixed an issue regarding in-game browser tooltip placement.
  • Fixed an issue regarding text placement in collapsed fitting windows.
  • Fixed duplicate confirmation when demoting self in a fleet.




  • Fixed an issue with the cachedUntil value on the IndustryJobs and IndustryJobsHistory for corporations.
  • Added corporationName to the employment history of CharacterInfo.
  • Fixed the probability field in all IndustryJobs endpoints.
  • Added char/Blueprints and corp/Blueprints.

Public CREST

  • Added more caching options for internal development of CREST/public CREST. End users should not notice a difference in what they get back but they should get more cache hits going forward. Yay for more cache hits when the data hasn't changed anyways!

Image Export

  • Added Industry, ISIS, Skills, Mastery, and Certificates related images to the export white list.