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Drama Between TEST Alliance and Brave Collective Continues

August 26, 2014

In recent days a torrent of upheaval within the HERO Coalition between TEST Alliance Please Ignore and Brave Collective has started to reach a boiling point after a battle where TEST was targeted and fired upon by BRAVE (literally by only one person in an Eagle) headshotting TEST FC DurrHurrDurr, resulting in TEST returning fire. In it’s wake, the following apology letters from two BRAVE FC’s Blue Ice and BroodAlpha were issued with at least one of them sending mixed messages, irritating some TEST members even further.

To help put a lid on some of the drama that was irrupting, the following was sent out by SkierX CEO of Dreddit to TEST, posted to Reddit, and reads as follows (note: this message was sent out before the two apology letters):

Shitting on BRAVE From: Erotic Asphyxiation Sent: 2014.08.26 04:37 To: Test Alliance Please Ignore,

Listen TEST. We’ve had some drama over the past few weeks. There’s been some anti-TEST and anti-BRAVE flying back and forth now for a few months.

The shit ends now.

Any TEST member found shitting on BRAVE is going to be back in an NPC corp for a minimum of 7 days on the first offense. This includes on Reddit, forums, jabber, in-game. Doesn’t matter. I don’t want to see it.

Don’t like their forums? Good for you. Don’t post about it. Don’t like an FC? Fantastic. Don’t go on his fleets.

If you have a legitimate grievance, please contact a diplo (diplo-office). If you don’t have a legitimate grievance, zip the pie hole.

A similar announcement is coming from BRAVE tomorrow.

It’ll be interesting to see in the coming days/weeks if both alliances can work cohesively again to mend the trust broken in all this back together. We’ll keep you posted as this story continues to unfold.