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Cloud Ring Moons Probed, Here Are The Results!

August 4, 2014

Following the successful content creation of my 1st moon mapping project I decided on July 19th, coincidentally my 19th birthday, that I was going to undertake another moon mapping project. As with any great project planning is key and I had to decide where would be best to probe and how to get my probes to where I needed them. This was where a poll I had created two days previous came into play, the poll itself asked people to vote upon which alliance they would like to see kicked out of its SOV space. As many would guess the result of this was the Goonswarm Federation. So I thought “hmm what would be a good region to map that would affect the Goons the most”, the answer was simple, Cloud Ring would be that region.

Cloud Ring (can be seen north-east of the link) believe it or not is a key cornerstone of the ClusterFuck (CFC) coalition that Goonswarm heads. Cloud Ring allows the CFC to have a network of Jump Bridges’ (JB’s) and Cynosural Generators which stem from the most northern systems in New Eden all the way to the most southern systems. This network means that they can move a massive amount of ships whether they be sub-capitals or capitals/super capitals in a short moment of time, as many of you know this is known as force projection which is a hot topic among loads of people with few actually taking action other than a forum rant or two.

On Saturday 2nd of August at 20:00 eve time I will be holding a live twitch stream in aid of a fundraiser for my next project and for you the public to decide what that project will be, the most common donation reason and highest amount received will decide what my next project is. In order to keep up to date I have created an in-game channel called ‘Project Fundraiser’ you will find me there nearly all of the time, feel free to drop by and ask any questions you may have.

The way the fundraiser will work is that you donate ISK to my character in-game and in the reason box you put a number I.E. 20. You will then send a mail to myself in-game with the number you chose as the subject title and include in the message your idea for my next project. If you don’t understand just let me know and I will talk to you about it. The Twitch Stream will be live at http://www.twitch.tv/stoseph_stuarts.

I am hoping the following data I am providing to you the members of New Eden will be taken and used to a much grander scale than has already been seen. Here is the data below: