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BL / PASTA vs PL, Sunday night Fever

August 4, 2014

Tonight, Pandemic legion had a POS coming out which Black Legion had reinforced earlier in the week. To save this POS, the Pandemic Legion FC, Hedliner, formed a Foxcat fleet (Navy Apocs) with Triage support and started to Suitcase (put your subcap into a carrier) to the targeted system. While this all was happening, Elo knight, Black legions FC’s decided to form an Alpha Fleet (Maelstroms) to fight PL. Pandemic Legion’s fleet had reached the targeted systems station and reshipped to their Foxcats. Sure enough Pandemic Legion undocked and their whole fleet + triage carriers warped to the POS Location. The PL fleet landed and triage started to rep the pos that had just come out of reinforce.

After about 10 minutes of repping the POS a BL Cyno alt entered system and lit a cyno 88 AU away from the POS. Seconds later Black legion entered system and both sides knew that the fight was on. Black Legion’s Alpha fleet warped to a ping off the Foxcats to see how the battle field was looking. They must have noticed that the PL’s Triage was kinda in a bad position and so Elo Knight warped his fleet down to the triage, and primaried them, in which they quickly died due to the high Alpha. Pandemic legion expected that this could happen and so pinged out as well to fleet warp back on top of the Black Legion fleet. This new warp-in meant that PL had the upper hand, so Black Legion tried to MJD out; but unfortunately, PL was able to follow, which resulted in a good brawl for both sides.

Although both sides tooks some heavy losses, Pandemic legion was able to win the ISK war and save the POS. In the end it was a good brawl that I would love to see happen more often!!

Battle report Link


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