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Chribba Loses Tengu To Pandemic Legion

July 28, 2014

Chribba has lost a Tengu to Pandemic Legion. In order to do this Pandemic Legion faked a Super Capital transfer by requesting his assistance in being a 3rd party for a trade. Chribba in this instance used his main character rather than an alt and this resulted in his 5th loss in 10 years. This is pretty amazing in its own right as being “famous” in the Eve community you would think that he would be targeted more often.

When he arrived at the POS to act as a 3rd party PL offlined the POS to be able to lock him then quickly jumped in a Carrier/Black Ops fleet. They also managed to kill his Pod with a smart bombing Panther, Redeemer and Vangel.

Chribba had the following to say on twitter:

I feel very honored having PL fake a super trade and offline the POS in order to lock and kill me #tweetfleet #eveonline Nicely done! /bows/

He has stated that he will still be doing 3rd part transactions with PL and has even agreed to act as a 3rd party for his own corpse and that in future trades he will take precautions.