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PSA: EVE Online Crius Known Issues.

July 22, 2014

With each new expansion, there is the need to iron out bugs and unlucky accident that might come along with the good stuff. As usual the folks at CCP Games are keeping up with the known issues for the Crius release:

Crius, EVE Online’s second release under the new six week release cadence, has been successfully deployed!

With changes to industry, new industrial functionality and endpoints in the API, in-space user interface improvements, more little things, the introduction of teams, an overhaul of reprocessing, more starbase changes, and a whole host of other improvements, Crius is set to reshape industrial gameplay in EVE, streamlining processes and giving more power to the most important part of EVE Online; our players.

For full details of this release please check the patch notes.

When reporting issues, please specify which client you are using (Mac or PC). Please note that we also have a specific Mac client feedback & issues thread.

This thread is for reporting issues only. For general feedback, please use the Crius Feedback thread here.

Known Issues:

– Blueprints that are locked inside any container cannot be used to submit or deliver jobs.

– Mining Crystals and the Perpetual Motion Unity display a 0 second invention time. Once the job is submitted, it will run with the correct time of the respective item.

– Setting facility tax at POSes might take some time.

– Blueprint show info does not reflect ME level

– Jobs on Arrays that are destroyed are not completely removed from the UI

– Jobs Tab shows BPOs instead of BPC during an invention job

– Rapid Equipment Assembly Array missing 5% ME penalty

– ME and TE jobs require access to Division I for materials regardless of where the job is installed from.

– Assembly Arrays have not been updated correctly. E.g. Corporate Hangar Array cargohold is still 1.4m instead of 3m

– Science job numbers might not refresh. Client restart will fix this

– “Job cannot be completed as it has already been completed” message when delivering jobs

– The number of available Science Jobs in the UI is sometimes displayed incorrectly. Jobs may appear available even if all possible jobs are running. (Current workaround is to restart the client).

– Facilities are not ordered correctly

– Reprocessing yield tooltip sometimes displays the incorrect % yield.

– Cannot reprocess Gasses

If you find a bug or mishap, please make sure to head to the official Crius Known Issues thread in the EVE-O Forums and report it.