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BL Nyx down in Syndicate

July 15, 2014

On Monday evening a trap as being set. Cynosural Field Theory (MOROS) had placed an unsieged Moros onto a POS and allowed Predator Elite of Death by Design to tackle it, aware of his inclination to batphone for assistance.

True to form, shortly after the Moros was tackled a cyno went up and two Black Legion Nyxes jumped in at range. With their prey where they wanted them, Nocturnal Romance sprung their trap and had an interceptor with warp speed rigs and implants provide their in cyno. Though the cyno inty and its pilot’s pod were lost shortly thereafter, the damage was done and Nocturnal Romance supers, dreads, and HICs were on field. One BL Nyx managed to warp away but one was caught and, despite DbD’s frantic attempts to clear tackle, was killed.

The Nyx killmail:


The Battlereport

We would like to congratulate MOROS on a well executed bait and kill.