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Updated: Darwinism in Action: 8 Billion Vindicator Down

June 27, 2014

Recently a Vindicator worth 8 billion Isk died. This Vindicator that belonged to Wise 1208 had been flying in an Incursion and somehow managed to lock, fire and have the safety let him shoot a wreck to get CONCORDED. We believe that this pilot had been flying this Vindicator for 3 years and it is unknown if he petioned CCP to get the kill reimbursed.

Zkillboard Link

When I contacted Wise 1208 he had this to say:

First and fore most I want to thank the wonderful community of TVP. Malkandria is one hell of an FC, He made sure that no one repped me when concord came in, and he got everyone out safely in the middle of all of the chaos. Plus I think you were the one who got something back for me thank you very much. Also want to thank Ashiok, Malkandria, Missile Knubbel, Jcluse, [r] Navrette, and Kris Sirober for your generous donations. You guys or gals make TVP what it is. All I can say is that I do not have wrecks in my overview so I don’t know how I locked onto that wreck. I use the lock target hot key and click the targets I want in my overview, and I do know my safety was set to green. After I got the concordadoken I checked to see if my safety was working right by switching from green to red, then back to green, everything switched normally. The fit… well I made this Vindi a while ago and the fit has changed a lot over the years, from a much disputed rail fit Vindi to a “perfect fit Vindi” and a lot of temporary fits in between. If I knew she was gona hit the news that night I would have vacuumed her out and shined up the paint if you know what I mean. I know that she was just a bunch of polarity shifts on a piece of solid state hard drive somewhere, but that does not change my sense of loss. She was my tower basher when I got to fly her last and I loved stealing the agro from everyone. Did I petition CCP for a replacement, yes I did I feel that the simple fact that I was set to safety green allows me to. If I get a replacement will that give me my ship back… No it will just be a replacement, call me silly but that’s the way that I feel. This is one truly awesome game we all get to play, one that makes me feel a sense of loss over something that was real to me.

. Let me know in the comments if you think CCP should reimburse this claimed “safety glitch”-

Hona’ Chaginai