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Fidelas Constans invading Geminate

June 3, 2014

We have received intel that CFC alliance Fidelas Constans has, of Friday the 30th, began an invasion of Geminate.

Geminate is currently owned by a mostly russian alliance called Legion of xXDeathXx, who have been a neutral party so far to both CFC and N3.

Thus far, the map is rather unaltered; but, when looking at FCON’s killboards you can already see the first Towers and Territory Modules dieing. This, of course, runs contrary to the terms established by the CFC during the outbreak of the Halloween War.

A couple fights have already occurred, resulting in pretty even results.

Overall, I think its going to be a very fun “war” to watch from an outside position; because, it would seem the sides are stacked rather evenly – for the time being.