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Pandemic Legion resets most of N3 Coalition

May 22, 2014

Circulating recently was a rumor that Pandemic legion was resetting N3 with the exception of Northern Coalition. and N3’s renters. This morning, the rumor was confirmed by pings and directors within alliances involved!

The reason for this reset is purely content based. Nulli Secunda had been having brawls with the Providence Bloc when PL came to the region and the two alliance’s approaches to fighting Provi caused a disparity in what S2N wanted and what PL wanted. Nulli Secunda focused on shooting the fcs of the Provi Bloc off the field, in which provis response often was to just run or dock up. This meant that the good fights turned into blue ball situations and Pandemic Legion were not getting the content they desired. This, coupled with the arrival of smaller N3 entities in the region seeking to get in on the content and causing Provi to begin evacuating to lowsec, prompted the PL reset.

(22-5-2014 2:42:19) [email protected]:
PL will be doing a friendly reset to all of n3 Except NC. and renters you all should have received notices in mailing list and channels but in case of leadership fail im sending a notice to all there will be no structure pew no cap pew “only friendly subcap pew” please adhere to the rules this reset takes place 24 hours from now at 1:00 eve time

This was a broadcast from NC – LadyScarlet to all replies are not monitored.

The reset will happen around 01:00 eve time, tomorrow, giving N3 Coalition members 24 hours to move assets out of Pandemic legion stations.

The retention of NCDot and N3’s renters as blue, however, points that this reset won’t alter the strategic relationship between N3 and PL. Rather, the decision is due to a lack of content from PL’s point of view given their limitations due to the BOTLRD accords.

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